How ironic that the word “debate” is in the air the past few days. Lauren Boebert believes that Rachel Maddow is too afeared to debate Madison Cawthorn. The RNC is trying to fix it so that Donald Trump doesn’t have to debate Joe Biden in 2024. If you haven’t heard about that mess, the New York Times is reporting that the RNC is demanding that changes be made to the Commission On Presidential Debates. You recall Trump complaining that the moderators were unfair to him, although he did admit after the fact that Kristen Welker was fair.

In any event, the RNC will vote at their winter meeting on this issue and we’ll see if we’re going to have debates in 2024, or if the GOP manages to flush yet another democratic, small “d” institution down the drain.

And now Mehmet Oz throws down the gauntlet and he wants Anthony Fauci to pick it up. Oz is probably doing it because he knows Fauci won’t take the bait, although it might be good if Fauci would. Fauci is never better than when he’s telling off the likes of Rand Paul or Roger Marshall. If he thinks they’re morons, he should enjoy jousting with Oz, who compares Fauci to J. Edgar Hoover. If Fauci is Hoover, then Oz is P.T. Barnum.

You may have read my piece where I spoke of my own dealings with Dr. Oz’ company. They were selling skin products at insane prices, far more than Estee Lauder, Lancome, the big companies. I was curious to see what kind of quality they had. So of course they let you have a sample for $5.00 plus shipping, something minimal. So I sampled the product, determined after opening it what garbage it was and called up and said I didn’t want any more, please cancel my order.

I was given a giant run around about what I had actually agreed to and how there was no way to cancel the order, go read the website. I said, “Fuck the website. I’m going by the terms and conditions on your advertisement, in my hand.” I was then told, “This line is being recorded so you need to use appropriate language.” I said, “Fine. That works. Here’s the appropriate language you need to hear. If you don’t cancel this order immediately I will go down to the District Attorney’s office and file charges for misrepresentation and fraud, and extortion. I’m taking the advertisement with me and you don’t stand a chance. Get me a supervisor.”

A few minutes later the person came back on the line and said that the order had been canceled. I surmised then and I surmise now that they were told to stand down when they got a credible threat. I felt sorry for all the other people who tried in good faith to do what I did and couldn’t, because they were bamboozled by marketing shills into believing that they were the ones who got it wrong and so they were forced to give money to Dr. Oz, month after month.

That one experience soured me on Mehmet Oz for all time. That happened about seven years ago. In the ensuing seven years, everything I’ve seen has only strengthened my distaste for the man, the same hyperbolic advertising for products that are Alex Jones level quality, and now his move into politics, predicated on him knowing something about the coronavirus. No, Oz knows how to grift and COVID-19 is a hook into that, that’s all that is going on here.

I hope Dr. Fauci does debate him and cleans his clock. Be careful what you wish for, “Dr.” Oz, you just might get it.

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  1. Fauci can refuse, simply because he isn’t running for office. And I’d like to see if “Dr” Oz wants to argue with the FDA on his pushing of unregulated supplements.

    • Oz is a disaster and his company is run absolutely the worst of any company like it that I have seen, One other time I ended up paying an extra thirty days to somebody because their language was deliberately unclear, but this time I called immediately upon receipt to cancel, the day after I received the merchandise. And still they tried to mess with me. Reputable companies don’t do that. If Oz is dishonest at that level, what is he going to be in the Senate? A grifting disaster.

      • “If Oz is dishonest at that level, what is he going to be in the Senate? A grifting disaster.”?
        Yes, a Republican. He’ll fit right in with the others.

    • His skin products were pure garbage. Believe me, I am a devotee of skin care products and have been since I was a young girl. I know who sells what, how much they cost, what combinations are best, all of it. This stuff of Oz’ was garbage. It was retailed at $68, and that was seven years ago, so it’s probably more like $90-$100 now. You can get some fine products for that price. This was trash. This was cheap, five and dime store lotion, priced at $68 and with wild claims of the ability to eliminate wrinkles, restore youth bla bla. Alex Jones level, as I said.

  2. OMG. I wish Dr. Fauci would go all in on this foolishness. He would wipe up the floor with “dr.” quack. I would pay money to see this one.

    • So would I. I hope Fauci does it. I love it when Fauci fights back factually. That’s what I want to see him do with Oz. I hope he’ll do it.

      • The thing is during a nationally televised battle of medical wits Öz could just say “No, you’re wrong, gabba gabba pentin!” parade arms raised like he just slew the dragon and 99 percent of his “fans” would applaud him and scream “USA! USA! USA! Down With Fauci! And then they would have footage Fox nuts can edit until Dumbday. Hell, they used empty shelves from Fukushima to take down Biden and has anyone held them accountable?

  3. I like Mr. Merriweather from Little Big Man better than the man behind the curtain. If Mr. Merriweather got tarred & feathered, then Mr Oz should receive the same. It’s only fair.

  4. A few ideas from the doctor of Oz:
    ” Dr. Simoncini is yet another brilliant doctor” – this is a guy who claims cancer is a fungus and can be cured with baking soda
    He brought ‘reiki masters’ into the operating theatre to do their magical gestures during cardio-vascular surgery
    He describes Dr Mercola as “pioneer in alternative medicine” and “a man your doctor doesn’t want you to know.” – this is the guy who claims melatonin cures Covid
    There are probably a lot more – I didn’t really look for any more than 5 minutes to find those out


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