As you may have heard, ‘Dr.” Mehmet Oz is considering a run for Pat Toomey’s seat in Pennsylvania because Toomey isn’t running for reelection.

Let me tell you of my own personal experience with Dr. Oz, at least with his organization. Several years ago I ordered a skin cream from him, which only cost me $5.00. The rules in the advertisement were that if you didn’t like it within 30 days, you could cancel, no hard feelings. I said fine.

They sent two products, one skin cream and one eye cream and it was crap. I mean major garbage. Its quality, or rather the lack thereof, was evident when I opened the package — and of course it had been touted as something revolutionary. I’ve sampled cosmetics for well over 50 years, I know what I’m looking at the minute I open the jar and use it once.

I called up the 800 number and I said I wanted to cancel any future shipments of the product. I was told that I had to return the unused portions of the product and that I would be billed in any event for the coming month, and by the by, that charge was not going to be the $68.00  which was the quoted price, that charge would be $140.00. I also found out that the Oz organization had hit my card twice, for $1.00 each, and said charges were unexplained and unauthorized. They refused to refund them, saying that they had “the right” to test my account and see if a charge would go through. Yes, they do, but you don’t get to keep the money.

When I began to argue this I was told to “go read the website.” I said a few salty words and said, “I’m going by the terms and conditions of your advertisement. I don’t care what’s on the website.” The woman said in a prissy manner, “This conversation is being recorded so you will need to use appropriate language.”

I said, “I’m delighted to use appropriate language and I’m delighted that this is being recorded. Here’s the language: You either agree to cancel this subscription right now, and not charge my card another dime, or I will take this little ad down to the District Attorney’s office and file a complaint alleging misrepresentation and fraud, coercion and false advertising. And I might throw in intentional and/or negligent infliction of emotional distress. If I don’t get you in criminal, I’ll get you in tort. Did you get all that?  Now go get me a supervisor.”

There was a brief pause and the woman came back on the line and said, “Your subscription is canceled.” Hand to God, that’s what happened. They were all rough and tough and going to beat me up and take my money but the minute I started threatening legal action they folded. I have to take that as a sign that they’re used to it and that’s a can of worms they don’t want to open. Again.

Here’s the takeaway: If Oz is doing business like this in his vitamins and cosmetic empire, bait and switch, unauthorized charges, lies, coercion, etc., what do you think is going to happen when he gets his hands on the levers of government?

Mehmet Oz is Count Quackula and he is nobody you want to have anything to do with. Take a look at this.

Now when he says “two to three percent” what is that? Two to three percent of the kids and teachers in the schools might die? Or two to three percent of the population? There are over 300,000,000 people in the United States, so 2% is 6,000,000 people, which is holocaust level deaths. Is he out of his effing MIND?

The guy is well named, Oz. He’s the phony wizard behind the curtain. You do not want to have anything to do with this man. People of Pennsylvania, don’t do it. You deserve so much better.

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  1. Fascism accepts deaths to innocents as a price the powerless must pay to keep them in power. When king Trump steals 2024 because the LAW failed us again, how many will die before his conscience bothers him??? There is no limit.

    • There is no limit because Traitor Tot, like most republiQanons has NO CONSCIENCE AT ALL! No sympathy or empathy! All that they care about is money and power and they will do ANYTHING (even murder millions or billions!) to get and/or keep more money and power!

  2. John Oliver does an interesting piece on this quack. IF he has an M.D. license, it needs to be revoked…unless it already has been which would not surprise me in the least.

  3. I ran into a similar online scam several years ago. I had filled out part of the order form that unfortunately included my credit card info. Part way through I changed my mind and backed out of the system, thinking that like with Amazon, it would cancel out my info. It didn’t. I received the order and thought that was the end of it. It wasn’t. They charged for another month’s order. It was hell trying to get through to them to get it straightened out. It took reporting them to my state’s AG office before they finally backed off. They refunded part of what they’d charged, but not all. We have to be really careful of these kinds of predatory outfits. I learned my lesson. However, I have always been suspicious of Oz and those of his ilk who have made a name (and a fortune) for themselves based on daytime TV shows. Just another reality show con man.

  4. I’ve heard that a lot of scammers will run a $1 charge to see if the account is working. Then they’ll start with their fake charges. Real businesses don’t need to do that.

  5. Well, look at the orange Trojan. He went bankrupt what 6 or 7 times and some of those included casinos where the customers literally give you money for nothing and he lost over one billion dollars in one year. What kind of idiot does that. Then some other idiots thought he could run our country. He ended up almost bankrupting the whole world until we were saved by covid which he promptly turned into the biggest disaster to hit America. And he committed treason in a desperate attempt to hang on to power and the stupid republicans are still bowing down to the clown.


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