The first threads are coming undone and soon, ladies and gentlemen, you will be able to watch Kevin McCarthy come apart at the seams, like a cheap suit. He’s had a chance to deal equitably with Marjorie Taylor Greene and the best he can come up with is that while her comments are simply awful and go against everything the Republican conference stands for, there’s still no basis for taking her off of House committees.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday he condemns Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s past remarks questioning school shootings, but he criticized a Democratic drive to oust the Georgia Republican from her committee assignments as a “partisan power grab.”

What McCarthy just did here, in lieu of disciplining a freshman congresswoman, is set up a very uncomfortable show down in the House. Apparently he thinks that will do less damage — assuming he thinks at all and that’s debatable. Associated Press via KIRO 7 TV:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top Democrat said the House will vote Thursday on removing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees, intensifying the stakes over the Georgia Republican’s online embrace of conspiracy theories and violent racist views.

The announcement by No. 2 House Democrat Steny Hoyer of Maryland came Wednesday as showdowns approached over Greene and Rep. Liz Cheney, who’ve antagonized opposing wings of a Republican Party struggling to define itself without Donald Trump in the White House.

House Republicans, under bipartisan pressure to punish Greene, have been hoping to take action on their own — such as removing her from one committee — and avoid a difficult political vote for many in the GOP.

But Hoyer released a statement saying that after speaking to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., “it is clear there is no alternative to holding a floor vote on the resolution to remove Rep. Greene from her committee assignments. “

A McCarthy aide said he would discuss the situation with his GOP colleagues.

A full House vote would be a political ordeal for many Republicans, forcing them to go on record defending or punishing a social media-savvy lawmaker who has won enthusiastic support from Trump.

Republicans had appointed Greene to the Education and Labor Committee, a decision that drew especially harsh criticism because of her suggestions that school shootings in Connecticut and Florida could be hoaxes. She’s also on the Budget Committee.

The Democratic-run House Rules Committee was meeting Wednesday in an initial step toward removing Greene from her committees, a rare step for Congress.


It’s a rare step for Congress to take, but one that they’re forced into now that McCarthy has flaked out, as expected. Speaking of which, the Lincoln Project has a few choice words for Leader McCarthy. Here’s a press release they issued earlier this afternoon.

February 3, 2021 – The Lincoln Project today released the following statement in response to rumors about coordination with House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney:

“It has come to our attention that there is a rumor circulating that The Lincoln Project is in coordination with GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney. This is yet another baseless lie being spread by the Jim Crow Caucus and its leader Kevin McCarthy, a man who lives in a rancid bubble of conspiracy, fantasy, and desperation.

“It’s telling that Republican leadership spends more time focusing on an imaginary alliance than it does exposing and condemning the QAnon conspiracies being spread by members of their own caucus.”

“The Lincoln Project has had no interaction with Congresswoman Cheney. That said, we think she’d take Matt Gaetz in a fight with one hand tied behind her back.”

McCarthy’s got it coming and going. This is what happens to yes men with no principles. You can’t please everyone, so got to please yourself. That means doing what’s right. Maybe we should get him the song.

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  1. So for Republicans this all boils down to punishing a member for simply telling the truth and adhering to the Constitution by voting to prosecute an obviously guilty criminal seditionist for inciting insurrection in an attempted coup to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States in actions seen by all….

    ……all the while promoting a criminal seditionist psychopath terrorist member as the new face of the party.

    What could possibly go wrong???

  2. Slings and arrows, my goodness the popcorn business should be forewarned for the run on buckets of buttered, mouth treats, old fashion popped in a little oil on the stove with one of those fancy hand crank poppers, none of that, “hot air pop”, funny business …

    Between that and one’s favorite beverage, feet up on the recliner or ottoman … bibs and hand towels, ready for the BIG meltdown coming to a TV in your own home …

    You certainly cannot make this shit up … who in the GOP is REALLY in charge?

    Oh, I see, they are floating in a pond of gasoline, not knowing the answer to that question, wondering if everyone is avoiding sparks and open flames … then they see one after another STUPID statements and actions from the presumed leader of the pack, certain Qanon mouth pieces, (the stupid runs deep in the GOP now),.

    Who crashes first? McConnell has burnt a few offerings that have gone nowhere as that is his REAL position now, (no where, forgot the balanced Senate and WE have Kamala …) I’m sure our Dem leadership, House and Senate are delighted with these dummkopfs’ making big shows of their stupidity, daily and now by the hour, minutes are next …

    McCarthy’s got some talking to do with trips to Mar-o-golf, meetings with the turd brain himself …

  3. I was skeptical of the split in the Rep. Party. It’s obvious Mcarthy has no control of his caucus. Trump does. Boehner must be laughing, because Mcarthy was such a pain in the ass for him, ha how does it feel.

  4. A quote from a cover of the J. Michael Strancynzki comic Rising Stars: “Change The World…Or We’ll Change It For You.” Republicans have made the second choice. That is a fatal mistake.

    • JMS. Why I liked (okay, dearly love) his “last” B5 episode. Filmed when he didn’t know there would be a season 5.

      One of the lines… similar. You change history or make it. Fish oil not working. LOL. Haven’t replayed clip on youtube in a while.

      The GOP had a choice after 2016… and even had an autopsy. Doubled down?, nope went “all in” on the cray cray. And now the spineless ones don’t know what to do. Dems should not try to save their a**. Even if some of the media or certain folks in media “seem” to be trying to both – sides things.

      Folks with matches and the others with gasoline in hands should not try to burn things down. Just saying. (Or, at least have a good exit handy.) I also remember good writers saying “never smartem up a mark.”

  5. McCarthy is a spineless weasel who is going to let Dems do the dirty work of taking care of MTG for him. He thinks he can take the pressure off himself and put it on Dems, but in fact, he gives up the credit and gives it to Dems by this inaction. Nothing but cowards in the GOP.

  6. Kevin the Bakersfield Idiot is embarrassing all of us in California. His reputation here is below zero. Watch him continue to follow in Fat Ass trumps footsteps.

  7. The majority of rethugs are like McCarthy. Their mantra is to grab and hld as much power as possible for their own benefit, and so the naturally see the Dems as the enemy doing the same thing for the same reasons. Never mind that Dems are simply too nice to fight these projections of rethug sin ontthe left’s motivations to help all Americans. Too long, such rantings as we hear from McCarthy and McConnell have been allowed to define Dems, and it has to stop. Goebbels taught them well: If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes “truth.”


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