We can pretty much surmise that House Speaker-by-a-nose Kevin McCarthy promised the former Resident and current idiot drumpf to boot Reps. Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff off the House Intelligence Committee for their role as Impeachment managers, because he dares not defy his lord and MAGA master and Eric and Adam are, in fact, booted.

But promises made to his ally Marjorie Taylor Greene, who really, really, really wanted to see Rep. Ilhan Omar kept off the House Foreign Affairs Committee – for reasons that had nothing to do with her ethnicity or religion, you understand (wink wink) – seem not to hold the same weight with McCarthy as his fealty to the Orangeutan… for he has relented and Omar is still in.

Newsweek on MSN

“Marjorie Taylor Greene’s support for Kevin McCarthy may be facing a new strain after she threw her support behind a move to remove Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The House Speaker had vowed to remove the Minnesota Democrat, citing prior allegedly antisemitic comments. After several Republicans came out against the bid, it appears McCarthy has bent to their will, instead of facing a potentially gruelling vote on the appointment.

McCarthy previously said he would like to remove Omar, setting up a potential floor vote in the closely divided chamber. It was just a matter of weeks ago that McCarthy faced 15 rounds of voting to confirm him as speaker, following an open rebellion by some Republican representatives…

… According to Bloomberg, McCarthy could have proposed to drop Omar from the committee as early as Monday. However, on Saturday, Newswire reported that the speaker had approved her appointment.”

My guess is that just enough Republicans, uncomfortable with Kevin’s slavish devotion to MTG, vowed to vote against this petty move to make it impossible to succeed, thus forcing McCarthy’s hand.

Just a guess.

What do Ron Filipkowski and his followers think?

🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️


That’s what I think too, the votes aren’t there or Kev would happily go along with it.

Yup. But MTG doesn’t give a rip about civility, rules or norms.

Let’s hope.





The potential lover’s quarrel between Kevin and MTG is certainly intriguing enough but, for quality viewing I’d rather see the video of Omar passing Marge in the House hallways today…

Now, that will be entertainment!

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  1. Well, Kevin obviously knew he could make that promise to Marjie because he had no actual way to do anything to Omar. The Speaker can only keep members off SELECT COMMITTEES (as the Intelligence Committee is properly termed) but, for any *regular* committee, the Speaker can only remove members FOR CAUSE (as Pelosi did–you don’t get to serve on a committee when you go around threatening your colleagues, even if you’re just “joking” about it).

  2. Poor ole Kevin. He and Marge are still in the process of redecorating the trailer and he’s already being forced to sleep on the couch. The OLD one out in the yard with the non-working TVs and cars that don’t run anymore! Seriously though, this could get interesting because MTG wasn’t the only one of the gang that made him grovel for the Gavel who had demanded Omar get kicked off Foreign Affairs. Hell, they want her out of the House but since it takes a two-thirds vote instead of a majority to expel a Member they know they’d lose that vote. So they went for the best they could get and Kevin hasn’t met their demands.

  3. Time for old battleax to lock and load. Maybe she still has pipebomb material laying around. Watch out jellyfish…you are now in her crosshairs!

  4. You know a good reporter could probably sleuth out by jail house chatter or marriage break ups or whistle blower etc.. how and who helped that person plant those pipe bombs? Drip, drip drip…………

  5. It would be great if Omar were to learn some Far East fighting technique and became the female Muslim equivalent of Bruce Lee. Then the next time Greene talks shit to her, or about her, she gets turned into a human pretzel. I’d definitely sign up for that pay per view!

  6. She tells the truth. The others are liars and fascists, as is the government of Israel. Oh, and I’m a Jew by conversion since 1979. To the apologists…go fuck yourselves with the Torah. You never followed it anyway.


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