I suppose I should give Quevin his due and be thankful that he finally violated the Denny Hastert dictum and allowed a fairly clean if not pristine continuing resolution to fund the government to come to the floor where Democrats could pass it, thus avoiding market crashing chaos and financial ruin for millions who live paycheck, but it is hard to credit him anything at all when he appears the very next day on Face The Nation and lies about how the bill he presented was passed.

The bill passed through the house on a 335-91 vote, 90 of those “no” votes being cast by his own caucus, and only a single one by a Democrat – Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) ranking member of the Ukraine Caucus – who voted no only because Republicans insisted funding for Ukraine be stripped out of it.

You can listen to McCarthy’s spin at the 8:45 mark below:

Kevin insists that Democrats did “everything they could” to keep the CR from passing yesterday, everything, that is but not providing every vote in the caucus save one to pass the damn thing.

I suppose in his mind Democrats were supposed to re-enter into negotiations with him just hours before default was to occur instead of insisting that the much desired cuts that Republicans so wanted be left out.

But McCarthy spent almost every moment he had, and make no mistake the blame for failure to pass anything would have fallen squarely on his shoulders, negotiating with recalcitrant Republicans who wanted just that to happen, instead of with Dems crafting a compromise.

Unsurprisingly Aaron Rupar’s followers on Twitter had a lot to say about Kevin’s BS…

Kevin can lie about anything, Jo.


Maybe he’s a sick of the whole mess as we are, Andrew.



I only wonder how the Orange Ape is taking this, he was counting on the freedumb caucus to shut down the entire federal government to bring his prosecution to a halt.

Maybe McCarthy is just rehearsing his argument for when the inevitable vitriol and spittle filled phone call comes through…

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  1. Trump always thinks in the very wide world of his incompetence … Shutting down the whole of Government to stall his trip to prison … No problem, just do it while he fuels up his plane for a long trip to somewhere without extradition processes … However, at this point, there are few places Trump could hide, his actions have made him ripe for a very large reward for his return.

    Burning bridges? No problem, call Trump, the International star with the old sparky lighter …

  2. Lemme see if I’ve got this KKKev: 209 Democrats voted yes and only one voted no. 126 Republicans voted yes and and 90 voted no. And you say Democrats were the ones who fought to keep your proposal from passing? A freaking first grader can figure out you’ve got this ass-backwards! Do you really think blowing this kind of smoke is going to stop Matty Gaetz from from filing a motion to take away your precious gavel first thing tomorrow morning?

    Maybe that’s why you’ve got your knickers in a twist today. Gaetz might actually do it in which case you’ll have to go crawling to Jeffries to round up enough Democrats to vote to keep you in the Speaker’s role. The problem of course is that it’s going to come with a price tag. You’ve been juggling running chain saws and you’re about to get gouged. Can’t say I’ll be losing any sleep over it!



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