There is dumb and then there is Marjorie Taylor Greene dumb.

Greene visited the Wilder Monument in Chickamauga, Georgia today, evidently thinking the 85 foot stone tower had been erected by grateful Georgians to honor their brave fallen rebel soldiers after the Civil War.

I can imagine her delight as she posted photos of her excellent adventure on every MAGA’s favorite shit-show Truth Social to bask in the anticipated accolades and claim lost cause bragging rights:

Don’t look for her post on Truth Social tho, as I know you are dying to do, because it has been deleted, the above being a screen grab of her errant honoring of history.

Because, as any Civil War buff (of which I am definitely not one) can tell you Union General John T. Wilder is the honoree of the monument, not confederate soldiers, who prevailed in the Battle of Chickamauga, despite Wilder’s valiant efforts:

“Wilder received wide attention for his performance in the Tullahoma Campaign. He mounted his brigade on horses and mules that his men appropriated from the local area and moved into the battle with such rapidity that his men soon became known as the “Lightning Brigade”, comprising the 17th Indiana Infantry Regiment, the 72nd Indiana Infantry Regiment, the 98th Illinois Infantry Regiment, the 123rd Illinois Infantry Regiment, and the 18th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery. (They were also known as the “Hatchet Brigade” because Wilder issued them long-handled hatchets to carry instead of cavalry sabers.) His men also carried Spencer repeating rifles, which were capable of a rate of fire far greater than their Confederate adversaries…

… On June 24, the Lightning Brigade seized and held Hoover’s Gap. Despite orders from general Joseph J. Reynolds to fall back to his infantry, which was still six miles away, Wilder decided to hold the position, defeating repeated attempts to dislodge his force until the infantry arrived and winning the most significant battle in the Tullahoma Campaign. The Army of the Cumberland’s commanding officer, William Rosecrans soon arrived on the scene. Rather than reprimand Wilder for disobeying orders, he congratulated him for doing so, telling him it would have cost thousands of lives to take the position if he had abandoned it.”

As I said, I’m no Civil War historian, the inimitable Charles P. Pierce put me onto this story:






A contrary view:


She’s like her boy drumpf, she has a certain cunning for exploiting the stupidity of others, but aside from that singular talent she is as devoid of other interests and as ignorant of history and he is.

Charles is right.

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  1. I thought she was honoring the confederates who took over the airports as a tried and true strategy, borrowed from the American Revolution per frump. Who dresses this pipe bomber? Clearly she needs help.

  2. Marjie Kooky Pants should be told this: you cannot defend history when you don’t know any history.

    A lot of people have speculated why her husband has filed for divorce. I think he just couldn’t take the stupidity any longer.

  3. Did she flunk GA history? It used to be required in GA public schools. How about American history? That still is required in most states. Maybe read a guide book before putting her hoof in her mouth?

    I am dying to hear what her so one-to-one ex husband has to say about, well,everything concerning her political career. Was it just being alone for months while Margie was traipsing all over the course try,,and he realized he preferred life with her gone? Was she screwing Matty Gaetz? Does he know something we don’t about her election? Taxes? Finances?



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