What happens when two different groups of fascists converge to protest a Pride Parade and realize that there will be a contest to determine which is the biggest bunch of a$$holes?

Such was the case yesterday in Oregon City, Oregon (a suburb in the greater Portland metro area) where the Rose City Nationalists clashed with a group of Proud Boys as the city’s annual Pride Parade was about to get underway.

The results were hilarious:


“Oregon City Pride Night kicked off this Saturday featuring vendors, music, and drag story time. As usual, the drag story time brought the usual contingent of Proud Boys to protest the event, but it was the Proud Boys who ended up fighting the neo-Nazis who showed up as well.

According to reports, the local Proud Boys who held a protest blocks from the event “clashed with counter-protesters.” But as it turns out, the “counter protesters” were actually members of the Rose City Nationalists, a small group of white supremacists who are spread throughout the Portland Metro area…

“Get the f*** out of here!” people can he heard saying as the RCN members, most dressed in all black, walk backwards as the group of Proud Boys close in on them.

At one point, an RCN member seemingly tries to resist the Proud Boys, but he’s immediately punched in the side the of the head, prompting more Proud Boys to jump in. Multiple Proud Boys can then be seen viciously beating RCN members, some of whom fell to the ground. Calls to “de-mask!” can be heard amongst the group, and some of the Proud Boys can be seen ripping the face coverings off some RCN members, who immediately try to hide their faces.“

Man, that must have presented quite an ethical dilemma for Portland cops who would have to decide which bunch of fascists to protect more enthusiastically.

HoneyBadgerMom posted video on Twitter:

Sorry, I cannot find video on YouTube.

It looks like the Proud Boys kinda mopped the street with the Nazi wannabes, causing them to retreat as Proud Boys ripped off their masks.

Which is good, I guess, I prefer that fascists to show their faces.

TuckFrump has a good thread going on Twitter:

Sexist but funny 🤣🤣🤣


What I said.

D*** measuring contest.

Yep, hard to decide who you dislike more.





I’m glad nobody was killed tho some probably deserve it.

It would be my preference the cops keep them all off the streets.

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  1. “D*** measuring contest.”

    And the whole lot of Loud Tois and Rose City Nazis combined would be put to shame by a single drag queen untucking.

    • Are there enough hours in a year to measure those tiny-dicked pieces of shit? Gotta take a long time to find something that small.

  2. It’s like an opening line of a bad joke. With a variation on a very familiar beginning: “Did you hear the one about the two hate groups that showed up at the bar they hate the most?”

  3. Once again, “patriots” walking around with the flag desecrate it by using it as a weapon. It’s such a joke to see cars and trucks with their tattered flags. Not one of them has bothered to read up on flag etiquette.

  4. “Man, that must have presented quite an ethical dilemma for Portland cops who would have to decide which bunch of fascists to protect more enthusiastically.”

    Thank you Dino, that was the perfect comment.

    • Agreed. We found out that during the BLM protests, Portland police were having coordinating conversations with Loud Noise. And when those hate-filled a**hats came down to Salem to protest the governor’s anti-Covid related measures, the Salem police basically gave them a pass for the guns they brought into our Bush Pasture Park, a family-oriented respite in the city. There’s too much of that cozy business between cops and home-grown terrorists when there should be zero tolerance.


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