One might think that the Orangeutan would have bigger things to worry about (like where he can borrow a quick $500M bucks) than a days-old insult from late night host Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars, but that is not how the stable genius is wired – he wears each and every slight, snide remark and wisecrack against him like an open stigmata until it crusts over and joins in his subconscious every other slight he has endured lo these many years since his heroic brother dumped mashed potatoes over his head at the family dinner table.

Here he is, with Howard Kurtz of Fox News, revising the historical record and imagining that he got the best of Kimmel on Oscar night… as if…



But apparently Jimmy, wearied by Trump’s attempts to rewrite the record, loosed a new barrage against the dotard on last night’s show, including a memorable cameo from the Trump bedroom at Mar-A-Lago, which you can watch after the blurb…

“Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night admitted that he’s thrilled when Donald Trump attacks him by name.

“What he doesn’t realize is that I love this,” Kimmel said…

“Isn’t it past your jail time?” Kimmel said to a live TV audience of nearly 20 million.

That stung Trump enough that he raged against Kimmel some more during a rambling Fox News interview over the weekend where he called Kimmel “not a talented guy,” “a lousy host” and “dumber than I thought.”

Kimmel on Monday urged the ex-president to keep it coming.

“I love that this bothered him so much,” he said, and rolled footage of the Oscars audience laughing at the Trump joke, including actor Margot Robbie.

“Barbie was laughing at you,” Kimmel said, then noted that “past your jail time” is already appearing on shirts, cups and other merch, is being put on billboards, and used in graffiti outside Trump Tower in New York.”

Kimmel went on to note that though drumpf asserted that he, Jimmy, should keep his mouth shut, that that very phrase would be more appropriate if chiseled onto Trump’s headstone… a sentiment which I strongly agree.

Below, in its entirety is Jimmy’s monologue from last night on YouTube. It’s all hilarious, but if you just want to see Melania barf in the trash can, skip to about 5:35.

And, some selected comments:

“Isn’t it past your Jailtime?” Has to be The Best One Liner of the Decade!”

“Being on the verge of having his assets seized is not the “bloodbath” Donnie had hoped for.”
Ya think?

“Isn’t it past your jail time?” Jimmy Kimmel just won himself an Oscar for that line!”
Yup, or, at least, an Emmy.

“So, this needs to be nominated for an EMMY. Best Monologue EVER!”
I’ll second that.

Kimmel is a national treasure.

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  1. I watched this while browsing my news feed this morning before coming here to PZ. Watching that scene from the bedroom I kept ping-ponging between wanting to laugh and wanting to (like “Melanie”) to puke. For once the two of them will share an intense mutual emotion – rage at being NAILED. (pun intended) Yep, Melania will be as pissed about this as Trump. Enough maybe to even make a free extra appearance at a Trump event just to be able to cut loose with her own screed on TS.

  2. If you are a politician, you need to have Kevlar skin. You are gonna be the butt of jokes.
    I am old enough to remember that This is the Week that Was got canned, and the Smothers Brothers had running battles with network censorship and were on Nixon’s hit list.
    I wish Tom.Leher were still writing songs. Watergate would have made a great opera’s but only Gilbert and Sullivan could have carried off Trump:,the Musical.


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