Oh, there are days when watching the goings on at MAGAdonia, you don’t know if you want to laugh or cry. Sometimes you do both. Today, Marjorie Taylor Greene, fresh off her Yom Kippur gaffe, proudly announced to her boyfriend Brian Glenn, in front of the RSBN cameras that “President Trump found a gun he liked with his face on it and he’s going to buy it.” Then the story blew up. Now it’s all the fault of fake news — because RSBN now claims they didn’t report that. Um, sorry Brian, we’ve seen it all with our own eyes, try to gaslight somebody else.

What I love about this is the sheer blissful ignorance in which Marge and her boyfriend and all these dummies dwell. When this story first broke this morning, naturally anybody with a legal background knew that Trump buying the gun was a bail violation. And any reporter worthy of the job knew it, too. Journalism isn’t just writing down quotes, it’s actually knowing how things work, basic things, like the broad brushstrokes of the legal system.

But of course, “the congresswoman” and her beau are both ignoranmuses, neither one had a clue what it was they were crowing on camera about. And Glenn’s weak tea denial an hour later is just a screaming joke. Like everything these people do.

Now this is funnier still. This is the tweet that Trump’s campaign manager sent out and it got over 1.2MM views.

None of these people know anything and they don’t have any common sense. Believe me, even before I went to law school, my kneejerk instinct would have been, “Wait a minute, this guy is under criminal indictment and he’s buying a GUN?” They don’t have any street smarts. A smart kid would have had that reaction. If somebody is in trouble with the law, any kind of trouble, they don’t go out and purchase a firearm. It really is that simple.

But residents of MAGAdonia don’t live in reality, alas alack and quackety quack.

What is comical, is that while the photo op was meant to portray Trump as the big macho man, his niece Mary wrote that he hates guns.

Like most people who grew up in the borough of Queens, NY, Donald Trump hates guns. It is perhaps, the only slightly redeeming thing about him. Or it would be if it weren’t for the fact that, of course, that reasonable hatred gets canceled out when he pretends he’s pro-gun, consistently advancing the agendas of terrorist groups like the NRA.

But politicians tell white lies and half-truths when the actual truth risks offending special-interest groups. Remember what happened when George H.W. Bush said he didn’t like broccoli? So why is Donald’s lie about guns of interest?

Because, for reasons that continue to remain a mystery, the corporate media remain stubbornly unwilling to call Donald out on his biggest lies—about the Presidential Records Act, and the January 6th insurrection, and the results of the 2020.

Taken together, these lies and the Republican Party’s willingness to embrace and disseminate them, pose the greatest threat to our democracy in modern history.

Because of this, Americans are being misled to believe disinformation about the limits of presidential power which, in future could benefit any president who has no qualms about over-stepping his authority and illicitly grabbing more power; the normalization of Donald’s self-coup; and the integrity of elections and the non-partisan professionalism of election workers.

Disinformation reigns. We are at war. The culture war is not so much a war of conflicting values as it is literally a war over truth v. lies. People indoctrinated in the Breitbart/Bitchute crazyverse version of life are hearing about a reality that does not exist outside the parameters of that small insular world. And even those in the real world, who make it our business to check into what’s really what, have to put up with a system of political reporting that has not kept up with the times and which defaults to racehorse election theory and outlier polls.

We live in the Tower of Babel, to all intents and purposes. I just hope we get through 2024 in one piece. I hope we’re still living in a democracy come January 2025.

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  1. I totally agree the corporate media empires love the lie and trump’s other lies because it stirs drama and puts money in their pocket. That being said, if the voting public hasn’t smartened up since 2015, then WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET! The children don’t. The planet and the creatures living on it don’t. Those of us who’ve been railing against this pissant don’t. The idiots too stupid or distracted to care DO. Unfortunately they will bring Hell on all of us!

  2. By the way MSNBC has an interview with Andrew Weissmann who laid out Trump broke the law by ‘receiving’ a gun that has crossed state lines. Glocks are not made in SC. People with felonies or felony charges cannot do what he did. It doesn’t matter if he bought it or not. Geez judge…the next time you lock up someone for smoking pot consider this mob boss/cult leader has led an armed insurrection and threatened violence to everyone. He has a photo op that breaks the goddamn law, and blowing a dog whistle calling for gun violence. Maybe if your family gets shot at you’ll DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION. Grow a backbone.

  3. The nonsense from MTG shows my original post on the last section with Trump’s photo op results was correct, I DID see Trump’s image on the handle and it WAS a non-gun …

    MTG has slipped even lower in her uncanny use of stated facts without merit or real facts, never a problem for these jerks …

    As for Gym Jordon, he has stepped in a lot of deep holes lately, being shrunk to a blithering idiot by a team of our hero’s, directly to his face with the whole world watching … Maybe it is a trend, hopefully the curtain will soon fall on these degenerates …


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