The Never-Trumpers over at The Lincoln Project are confrontational and direct in ways that Democrats can’t or will not be, and their latest effort to strangle the 2024 DeSantis for President campaign in its crib is a hilarious case in point.

DeSantis’ failure to achieve launch in his Presidential bid could very well be a malady suffered by also-rans in every Presidential campaign… the dreaded affliction known as “Electile Dysfunction”…

That is frigging hilarious, as are the responses:


Ain’t it tho?






Better luck next time, Governor.

If there is one.

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  1. The only politician in FL.less,appealing than disaster is,Matt Gaetz who may run to replace him. FL law limits a governor two terms. He has to wait for at least one term before Glenn he can run again. Think Cards would be willing to be a placeholder for Ronnie for a single term? I do not.This means DeSaster’s,Reign of Terror is over,to be replaced by Maggie’s Reign of Stupidity. Days think Mattie can do something dumber than picking a fight with the state’s largest corporate taxpayer and 3d largest employer, Disney? Or force school.libraries to close it have Moms For Liberty threaten librarians with death? Yeah,I think Mattie can match that record because I know Pensacola after living there for 5 years,and it is really, really moronic with a lot of dumb Dominionist Christians.


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