Trump world is filled with many strange characters, denizens of delusion, all of them. But nobody can hold a match, let alone a candle, to Mike Lindell. Lindell’s delusion is in some other dimension somewhere. If you’ve been following Lindell’s saga, he’s had credit lines closed down, banks close his accounts, distributors refuse his product, everything that can befall a business person. Plus a few things that don’t befall many business people, ever, he had the FBI confiscate his phone while going through a drive-thru. But such is Lindell’s life. And the unkindest cut of all is by a court who ruled that Lindell now has to pay $5 million (which he doesn’t have) to a man who exposed how the claims made at his symposium on election fraud were bogus. This is his explanation.

No, it’s not a distraction, Mike. You were in the wrong and the court has ruled in favor of your opponent. And this has nothing to do with the Deep State, which is Trump’s favorite dodge. Trump’s other favorite dodge nowadays, since the death of Aleksei Navalny, is that he’s a persecuted political prisoner. And clearly that’s the direction that Lindell is taking his fantasy.

Um….Mike? Has it occurred to you that if Donald was on your side, maybe he would be asking you to become an RNC co-chair and not another election denier? I mean, if an election denier is somebody you want to hire, there is no more completely crazed lunatic person skilled in that niche than you. I mean, credit should be given where credit is due, right? You’ve elevated election denying to the level of it being a new pathology recognized by members of the psychiatric community.

Let’s all sing a song now, that Mike needs to hear. It starts, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” Remember that? Mike must not remember that tune because the truth is that he should have folded ’em and run a long long time ago.

If he had, he’d still have his business and be looking at a comfortable retirement. Now he’s looking at the streets. And the real tragedy of all this is that he just can’t see where he did it to himself. That’s the awful part. He’s got visions of conspiracy theories and he can’t see that people are using him. He’s a mark and they’ve fleeced him.

Oh well. Some people never learn. I guess Lindell has to hit a lower bottom with Trump than he did with crack. Now i have an idea how Mike can pull out of this nosedive, are you ready? MAGA Anonymous. A 12-step program devoted to how utterly messed up people can become as a result of Trump and his cult and how their lives become completely unmanageable.

Lindell already knows the 12-step paradigm, all he needs to do is apply it to Trump and the MAGA cult. Man, I can’t wait to see the inventory that Lindell will write, once he truly gets a handle on this addiction and how it has taken him down down down the dark ladder.

In all seriousness, that would be Lindell’s chance to recoup. If anybody knows anything about the man, they know that he is a true believer. He’s truly deluded, whereas Steve Bannon and the rest of them are in for the grift. So I feel totally certain that if Mike started MAGA Anonymous, he’d be set for life.

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  1. I tried a 12 step program once……it didn’t work though……

    ….I simply moved the fridge 9 steps closer to the recliner.


  2. Having done STP, a combo of acid and speed, pure LSD from Sandoz lab, multiple other kinds of acid, coleus leaves, psilocybin shrooms, and animita muscaria shrooms, all hallucinogens, I was never as out of touch with reality as this assclown. Bring in the straitjacket…oh and a pillow to ground him. For the life of me, I can’t fathom how he’s this delusional.

  3. Clowns like pillow man and dingleberry cheapen the death of a man who was exceedingly brave, who wanted to rid Russia of a murderous and mediocre dictator. A man who is greater than people like these two could ever dream of being by a magnitude of thousands. Kind of like c. thomas replacing the legal giant Justice Marshall or barrett replacing the mighty RBG. They will never fill the shoes of the justices they are replacing because they’re only a black man and a vagina vs. truly great supreme court justices–two of the greatest ever.


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