I was just saying to a friend yesterday that if the evangelicals are going to be in Heaven, I’ll take my chances in Hell. Now it appears that Heaven is indeed the last refuge of the scoundrel because Mike Lindell assures us that that’s the only place we’ll be safe from artificial intelligence. Or something.

Lindell was on Steve Bannon’s War Room, again, where he does most of his best insanity.

While there, he informed us that AI is psychic. Oh, yes. Maybe you hadn’t heard that but Lindell knows that with AI, “They’ll know what you’re gonna vote for before you can even think it.” That’s impressive. Deranged, untrue, but impressive.

Lindell is very worried about AI. He says it can be used “to frame anybody for anything.” That does sound ominous.

Say, Mike, did you ever get your phone back from the FBI? Just asking.

Plus, I’m confused here: Isn’t anything that advances the End Times good? I thought that was the whole idea of evangelical Christianity in this day and age, to advance the End Times and have Christ return and then everything was going to be grand. Maybe Lindell’s ideas of Christianity are as cockeyed as his notions about voting machine equipment. He’s been told over and over that most states have a paper ballot backup as well as a machine count and the two are tallied but that simple fact has never penetrated, for some reason.

I wonder if he’ll still be adjudicating the 2020 election after 2024? Or, if they will both be stolen?

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  1. If these nefarious nincompoops think AI is psychic that’s OK with me, because they won’t bother learning how it works. Bannon does seem to have some technical savvy, so he among all of them might find some nasty ways of exploiting AI. My concern would be he would use things like ChatGPT to cook up scams that would skirt all known laws and avoid jail time. Certainly better than a barrel of lawyers.

      • but it is extremely plausible, and many people don’t even try to check.
        It seems that tech companies are trying to condition us to live in an imaginary world that they make up. Destroying the very concept of fact or truth.

  2. Well, they seem to think we’ll all be robots praising their Jeebus and their god, so I don’t think they’d need AI added.


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