Mike Lindell is on a real roll this weekend. Last night he was in Nevada, talking about how he brought CIA whistleblower information to the White House, “proving” that Donald Trump had won the election by 20 million votes.

Where that information went, Lindell is a trifle vague about. But today he’s got something even better on tap.

Today the Trump circus has moved to Arizona, another southwestern swing state, and now Mikey is claiming that on Friday his lawyers subpoenaed some highly placed operatives, to wit,  retired Lt. Gen. James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence under Barack Obama’s administration and former director of the CIA John Brennan. That’s for openers. Listen to this.

Now, two major facts here which you need to take note of: First, Lindell doesn’t have a lawsuit on file. You can’t subpoena anybody without said subpoena being in connection with a case in the court system. The purpose of a subpoena is to get information about a legal case, either from a person’s testimony and/or from records which the person has in his or her possession. What Lindell thinks a subpoena is or how they work is anybody’s guess. Ask his psychiatrist, if and when he has the sense to get to one.

The second major fact here is even more interesting to ponder. If we were to grant for the sake of argument that Lindell had subpoena power somehow, why these people? They have jack nothing to do with Lindell’s central beef, which at the moment is the fact that the FBI confiscated his phone. And that relates to his larger beef, his conspiracy theory of a stolen election in 2022.

Be that as it may, neither Brennan nor Clapper work for the FBI, nor did they ever. They are both retired from government service and that has been the case for the past six years. So how Lindell is going to make a compelling argument that these two individuals have testimony which is pertinent to his stolen election conspiracy theory is going to be something to behold.

We assume that these magical subpoenas, which were supposedly issued on Friday, contained some kind of declaration as to what Brennan and Clapper could meaningfully provide by way of testimony. It sure would be nice to see copies of these documents but don’t hold your breath.

It’s pretty clear that Lindell is, once again, talking out his a$$ and going farther and farther off his rocker.

But in case that premise has not been made clear to you, watch this clip. “Liberals and progressives,” in Northern California no less, have been coming up to Lindell to tell him how they’re going to vote Republican. You can’t make this up.

Well, at least he didn’t claim that they called him “Sir” and wept copiously. At least we were spared that. That’s something.

So, class, which is the greatest indicator of Mike Lindell’s psychosis?

  1. Imaginary friends in Northern California?
  2. Imaginary conversations with lawyers, who tell him they have begun the discovery process on lawsuits that don’t exist?
  3. Persecuting former CIA and DNI officials for something the FBI did — long after they left public service?
  4. The ongoing obsession with melting down voting machines?
  5. All of the above?

He is getting farther and farther out there. I am wondering if he even has any lawyers at this point. Maybe he talks to Trump’s “television lawyers” from time to time and thinks they’re his lawyers, too.

What I am waiting to see, is what happens the day after election day? You bloody well know that some Republicans are going to lose. So then 2022 becomes yet another stolen election? And the madness continues? I guess we’re going to find out.

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  1. What??? No goddamn golden plates found in the woods interpreted by looking into a hat?? Maybe that’s where the documents are? Where’s a damn angel when you need one?

      • I think it’s a con job too. His pillow empire hitting the skids just wasn’t part of the plan. But like a gambling addict, the bets keep getting bigger and bigger in hopes of recouping the losses. I think he’s s trying to use the ‘insanity defense’ for his civil cases and hopes that his continued ‘contribution’ will result in a Betsy De Vos/Ben Carson type appointment in the future. It’s not like he needs to convince savvy educated people that his lawyers really did subpoena those people. These are people who think ‘flat earth’ and think there might be something to that. They don’t think ‘how and why earth has regular & predictable seasons’ or why you can fly from the US to Australia and fly east OR west. These are people who listen to Trump speak and think he’s smart. That he’s NOT a criminal. Again, NOT savvy. Not educated. And they really, really, REALLY want Trump to be smart and NOT a criminal.

    • The thing that was set up by someone called ‘Moroni’? I think there’s a spelling error there and there shouldn’t be an ‘i’ at the end.

  2. I will believe a CA liberal, or any liberal for that matter, will vote for a ‘pube when….I’m trying to think of an “unrealistic” type of metaphor but none are quite strong enough…I guess I’ll go with “when pigs fly”. Or of course when that ‘pube decides their current party is the party of RWNJ’s and criminals and switches to the Democrats to save any vestige of pride they might have left.

    Gotta say this about pillow man, when he has his nose up someone’s ass it stays there forever. Proof, facts, etc. will not be enough for him to finally say “hey, this stinks in here”.


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