If there was a generational difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, all the furor over Biden’s age would make sense. If there was even a decade of difference, six, seven years even, it might make sense. But three lousy years? That’s nothing. That means that Trump and Biden were both in high school at the same time, in college at the same time. Did you ever consider an upper classman to be “old?” Relatively, of course, there’s a big difference between a fifteen year old and an eighteen year old, but as we age, those differences become trivial, because people don’t age at the same rate.

What truly makes this situation ludicrous is that Biden is trim and fit, exercises regularly and eats properly, whereas Trump wolfs down hamburgers, fries, then waddles from the golf cart to the tee and cheats. His biggest exercise is throwing his opponents ball in the bunker and pretending it got there legitimately. Here’s the reality of the situation.

Here’s a jewel you might not have seen. There’s so many of them it’s hard to see them all.

Hillary’s talking common sense here. Yes, Biden’s old but look at what he’s done. That is the issue. By their fruits ye shall know them and this first term of Biden’s has been fruitful so far, abundantly so, in fact.

And here’s the bottom line.

That’s the size of it, right there. And if Trump gets in again, we will have an autocrat who will install himself as king. He’ll only leave the White House feet first.

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  1. In college you always came across a lazy tenured professor, who couldn’t come up with a better evaluation system than the final exam accounting for 50% of your grade for the entire semester. If you screwed that up, the entire semester would be lost. Next November the ballot will fit that bill. It will definitely measure just how corrupt and ignorant the American voter is. If we fail, that’s not only it for democracy here and elsewhere, it will bring about the extinction of our species after the Republicans give the fossil fuel industry the green light to drill anywhere at anytime and kill any competition. FACT! If, after watching this criminal rapist in his stolen tour of the presidency, and THEN watching President Biden turn it around, we can’t even believe our own experience, then hang it up for the human race. Also a goddamn FACT.

  2. In sum, the ‘tangles of tau’ in what ever he has left in his bombranium is committing ‘necroptosis’ and he’s inflicting the resultant fallout on America, American democracy and government, and the American people. The worrying thing is he still has his brethren, his enablers, and his admirers, irrespective of how neurotically tangled his delusional state is. There are more suitably secured facilities for this increasingly damaged piece of befuddled works.

  3. I think the majority of 45’s base does not watch what they would call “lame stream news”.
    They never see the majority of this stuff that he says and does, but they do believe the tripe that Fox and others say about Biden. I have no idea how to penetrate that wall in their minds.

    • You can’t but can remind them they are making more, have healthcare, lower RX costs and ask is life really so bad? There’s no arguing with the cult. One can only try to open a bit of their eyes with how their life is affected. I always say, “ I would never vote for someone who only likes 1/2 of the country, otherwise I wouldn’t vote.” You can only try to make them think, instead of repeating Repub. talking points. Honestly there are some one can’t talk to.

  4. Maybe putting the questions to snotty nose about WHO has been doing all the things around here as opposed to all those things he has failed to do … start by saying, to Trump, you failed at getting the wall done, failed to return stolen documents to OUR care, failed to address the Pandemic until a million of our citizens have died from it … also failed to stop being called out by the House of Representatives, you have been indicted 4 times already for very serious crimes against our Country, you gave away trillions of our tax funds to the most wealthy Oligarchs in the world …

    Why would ANYONE trust you as a president again, when indeed, you have told literally thousands of lies to our citizens !! If you could read, you would be able to see where in our Constitution your job description as a president says you should NOT lie, (even once), to the citizens, on that count alone, the shame and stupidity you have shown to the public makes you totally unqualified for the job … Maybe, just maybe, you MIGHT be able to get on the broom crew in prison, since you will not have access to your cell phone again after you enter prison, pushing broom might fill a couple hours of your days … Look at the bright side, both teams and their families at the Iowa/Iowa State football game, booed you incredibly, along with shooting the bird with both hands and specific fingers, it WAS A WONDERFUL thing to see Iowa’s top teams unified in drumming your behind out …

    Good luck sucker, since you have not shown you are even concerned about going to prison, 20 years from now, if you still exist, we will, if WE exist, laugh our ass off at your new look, shrunken down to 4′-5″ turning a certain shade of green around the edges …

    Well, they MIGHT allow you finger painting supplies, where you could wear an apron to prevent various color getting on your new bright orange outfit …

  5. He’s not concerned Darrel about going to prison because he doesn’t actually BELIEVE he will ever go to jail. The system has reinforced his beliefs. If he’d actually gone to a penitentiary, as I did, as a political prisoner, he’d be highly concerned. With his pampered life, his mouth, and his attitude, he should be concerned. He won’t last a month in a real jail. The media isn’t there to protect you from the REAL damaged and dangerous people found there, many with nothing left to lose if they take you out.


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