Lin Wood is not a happy camper these days. Wood was served with a 1,600 page complaint from the State Bar of Georgia over the weekend and that really soured his mood, mainly because he doesn’t have any money to fight it. What’s that you say? Donald Trump was paying him $20K a day? Maybe he was, but to hear Wood tell it, he’s penniless. Who knows? Roger Stone was worth millions, too, and he went begging to the cult for money for legal fees. Maybe this is the same thing.

The attorney revealed the Georgia Bar’s action on the social media platform Telegram and urged his supporters to send him money.

“I need the help of We The People,” he wrote. “The GA State Bar has thrown the kitchen sink at me.”

The attorney continued: “The attack launched against me today arising out of my efforts to protect and defend the Constitution and help others will require that I engage lawyers to defend me and incur out of pocket expenses for experts, witness fees, etc. I know the costs will be substantial.”

“I hate to ask others for money. But I know that the fight I face is not only for me but also for you,” he said. “Would you consider making a donation to #FightBack specifically for use in the battle against the State Bar of Georgia?”

That was the beginning. Then Wood escalated his “battle” against the State Bar of Georgia, once a professional licensing body, now the enemy of We the People, apparently, by doxxing the officials who filed a complaint against him by revealing their addresses and personal information to 800,000 people on Telegram. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he is asking his “Army of Patriots” to dig up some dirt against these officials as well. Oh, and Wood refused to undergo a psychiatric examination as requested by the Bar. Right Wing Watch:

“I could use the help of an Army of Patriots due to the time limitation,” Wood wrote on Telegram last Saturday. “If you have any information that might impact the ‘competency, qualifications or objectivity’ of any members, would you email the information to me? Their social media posts, political affiliations, representative clients (for example, what if one or more of them represent Dominion), lawsuits filed against them, etc. would all potentially provide me with relevant information that could form the basis of a challenge.”

The State Bar of Georgia proceeded with an inquiry into Wood after receiving information that Wood “may have violated one or more of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.” The grievance, dated Feb. 5, 2021, was uploaded by Wood to Dropbox. […]

“After the presidential election, Mr. Wood and his co-counsel, Sidney Powell, filed four frivolous lawsuits in swing states, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan, where they falsely claimed voter fraud and sought to overturn the election results,” the complaint read. “Each of these cases was dismissed as Mr. Wood and his co-counsel could not even state a legally cognizable theory, let alone provide evidence, for their unsupported claims.”

The complaint further alleges that Wood has “shown that he either cannot or will not comply with his professional obligations. Indeed, in the January 11 conference before this Court, he defended his actions, falsely claiming that there was ample evidence of fraud to support the allegations universally rejected by multiple courts.”

Wood, who previously called for the arrest and execution of former vice president Mike Pence and who continues to push baseless conspiracy theories about Chief Justice John Roberts and Hillary Clinton, refused to undergo a mental health assessment requested by the State Bar of Georgia last month. At the time, he stated that “despite some personal difficulties with my family in February of 2020, my physician found that I was of sound mind and was not ‘crazy’.”

Wood defends all of his actions, not surprisingly, by saying that he is engaged in a “fight against pedophilia and child sex trafficking, and stand[s] against corruption in high government officials” — and he supports Trump, the Bill of Rights, Mom, the pie, and apple flag, or something like that. Or so he would have you believe. This is going to get a lot stranger before it gets resolved. Wood is clearly trying to establish himself as a QAnon martyr, a victim of Deep State machinations, all that. More grist for the unreality mill.

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  1. This probably won’t stop until he either faces criminal charges or is involuntarily committed for psychiatric care. Neither seems imminent.

  2. The Trompador may have claimed to pay him $20K per diem, but knowing how he looks at bills submitted he’s probably complaining that as he didn’t get 100% whitewash, he ain’t gonna pay


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