It may surprise you when I say this, but I want President Pampers to live a long and healthy life. Not because I enjoy having the scumbag around, after 7 long years of swimming in the toxic waste out of his head, I’m sick to death of him.

  • No, I wish him a long, healthy life for a more sinister purpose. I want him hale and fully aware when NY Attorney General Letitia James hauls his fat penguin ass into civil charges of fraud, and bankrupts not only his company, but his 3rd rate crime family personally.
  • I want him on top of his game when Fulton County District Attorney claps him in irons over state charges of election interference, with possible RICO implications.
  • I want him dazed but fully coherent when the DOJ files federal charges under The Espionage Act, along with charges of obstruction of justice, and unauthorized possession of restricted documents
  • And I want him fully cognizant when Manhattan Alvin Bragg decides to pile on with the fat file that Tisha James hands him, and files state criminal fraud charges against him. And I haven’t even mentioned the possible offshoot charges from the DOJ and the IRS from her criminal referrals to them

I didn’t used to feel this way. In fact, several months ago when Traitor Tot’s legal woes were piling up, I expressed alarm at the situation. Mainly because at the time, His Lowness had been reduced to advertising on Craigslist for legal representation. I wanted Trump to have the best legal minds available for his trials, so there was no taint of incompetent counsel that could be brought up on appeal.

It’s OK, I feel all better now. As the legal farce played out in juvenile court judge Aileen Cannon’s court, it became clear that Trumpenstein doesn’t suffer from Incompetent Counsel. Instead, it’s his legal team that suffers from an Intractable Imbecile for a client. And that makes all the difference in the world.

In their filings before judge Cannon, Trump’s legal beagles proved that they could toss legal word salad with the best of them. But even that wasn’t enough to keep traffic judge Cannon from having to create her own incompetent line of reasoning for her moronic decision. Which is nice, because it lets the Trump legal team go free in the 11th Circuit Court beatdown that followed.

These lawyers are for the most part fully capable barred lawyers, but they’re screwed. Here’s how it goes. Trump’s lawyers march into a conference room, or Trump’s office in Mar-A-Lago, and lay out the legal issues at hand, and their best recommendations for dealing with them. Not that there are many best options available with a moron like Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump sits there with a 1000 yard stare, face slack, and in another world of his own. The minute they stop talking, Trump shakes his head, returns from Brigadoon, and proceeds to order his lawyers as to what they should order in court. All of which is totally untethered from reality as we all know it, and places his attorneys in an untenable position.

Here’s a prefect example. Last night in an interview on FUX News Sean Hannity show, Trump stated that while there may be a formal process for declassifying documents, there doesn’t have to be. Trump is the President, all he has to do is to say that documents are declassified, and it’s so. In fact, it’s better than that! If Trump even thinks that the documents are declassified, then they are. Because he’s the President.

There’s a damn good reason why Trump’s legal team has never actually argued a single word, in either judge Cannon’s court or the 11th Circuit, avowing that Trump had actually declassified the documents. That’s because a court deals in facts, and if Trump’s legal team can’t provide factual, acceptable evidence that the documents were declassified, then they arte misrepresenting their case, and sanctions could follow. That’s why all of the Trump filings referred to possible declassification of documents.

I feel fine now. Trump’s lawyers may not be top shelf quality talent, but they’re certainly up to the task of presenting a viable, vigorous defense on his behalf. And there is no legal relief in either a federal or state court for a delusional imbecile of a defendant who forces his lawyers to espouse a nonsensical defense. Let the games begin.


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    • Oh, no, no, no, no! He has to serve at least 7 years in prison (the four in which he inflicted his “residency” on us, plus the year of his primary campaign, plus the 2 years–and counting–of his “stolen election” nonsense) before he’s allowed to die. And, if need be, I want him kept in protective custody (or solitary confinement) the entire time so that he doesn’t wind up having an “accident” at the hands of other inmates

        • World peace? From the guy who surrendered to the Taliban by releasing 5,000 prisoners; the guy who, basically, gave Putin the green light to do whatever he wanted; the guy who tried to bribe the Ukrainian government by withholding an agreed financial deal unless they ‘investigated’ Hunter Biden.

          The guy who stole government owned documents (irrespective of any classification, the GOVERNMENT owned the papers he decamped with). The guy who claimed that ‘illegal immigrants’ were murderers and rapists and also claimed they were ‘coming to steal your jobs’ (now how many people are employed as murderers or rapists?)

          This guy, if he had ruled Egypt, would have tossed Joseph and Mary back across the border, shoved the baby Jesus in a home for ‘abandoned children’ (and promptly lost the paperwork) and would have confiscated the wee donkey.

          Oh yes – and the guy who took lots of ‘backing’ from Big Oil and repaid that by deregulating the price structure so they could make even more profit (by overcharging their customers) and who sat back and let Covid remove a lot of workers in the food industry (an claimed that there was no pandemic and it wasn’t such a big deal).

          The guy who is acing very serious fraud charges for tax avoidance, who is under criminal investigation in different places. The guy who incited an attack on his own vice president because he wouldn’t break the law.

          THAT guy?

      • As long as he has no blindfold & we are all allowed to watch the whole thing from beginning to end, and proof of death is issued ! THEN maybe we can all rest knowing a huge pile of evil has been removed from the world !


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