This kind of shit could only come from the mouth of a man child who could literally shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any votes. Trump wasn’t kidding. He was giving what he thought was an honest assessment of his supporters loyalty. And who’s to say he wasn’t right?

But now Traitor Tot apparently wants to take it to a whole new level. According to an article by Asawin Suebsaeng for Rolling Stone magazine, El Pendejo Presidente is feeling cocky enough about his chances in 2024 that he’s already jaw jacking to close aides about how he wants to improve the federal government, especially the judicial system if he gets reelected.

The article quotes three main, unidentified sources. According to the source, Trump is fixated by the execution program. Apparently he thinks it’s an underused tool for fighting violent crime. Trump wants to expand the federal death penalty, as well as speeding up the appeals process so that the condemned can be dispatched more quickly.

I’m sure FrankenTrump isn’t the only one who feels that way, but here’s where it turns to the dark side. According to all three sources, Trump hates lethal injections, finding them weak and wimpy. Trump wants to bring back execution by hanging and execution by the firing squad, and according to two of the three sources, he actually wants to use the freakin’ guillotine! Oh yeah, and he’s even toying with the idea of group executions.

Hody chit, Mon! This has the propensity of becoming the defining issue of the 2024 GOP primaries. Here’s why. Whether Trump was just dicking around blowing smoke or not is immaterial. It is now on public record that he said it. And with Trump’s self perceived tough guy persona, when he’s asked about it, and you damn well know he will be, his ego won’t allow him to do anything but double and even triple down on it. Maybe with even more graphic detail and explanation.

Which of course means that everybody else in the 2024 GOP Presidential primaries are going to get asked about it too. And then what do they do? Haley, and Pence if he runs are no brainers. They’ll call him an uncouth barbarian, they aren’t chasing his voters anyway. Much. But what about everybody else in the field?

Remember, the whole road to success is to out Trump Trump. And His Lowness is in favor of mass executions by hanging and le guillotine. You know, like in Pirates of the Caribbean, and The French Revolution? Do they go all Hannibal Lecter and try to take him to another level, chasing his bloodthirsty base while alienating the rest of the planet? Or do they slap him down, and try to appeal to the saner, moderate base, even though they’re not ideologically aligned? It’s literally a no-win situation. Want to bet it’s one of the first questions asked in the first GOP primary debate?

Oddly enough, this is the one thing that could put the wind beneath the wings of the Haley campaign. Trump has a stable base of 32-25%. The rest are snapping for table scraps, and trying to pick off some of his support. But that leaves a 60-65% moderate base, and this kind of shit is something that could bring them out to vote in the primaries. Even if Haley and Pence split that vote evenly, it keeps them right in the hunt, and more importantly, if they hang in there long enough, it makes it basically impossible for Trump to win on the first ballot at the convention.

Of course, the ultimate beneficiaries are Biden and the Democrats. Biden can gleefully portray the whole GOP presidential field as bloodthirsty MAGA vampires, And every Democratic candidate or incumbent can paint their opponent as soulless ghouls. And when they’re asked about it, and they will be, it puts them into the same no-win situation the rest of the field is in. Just stick a pin in this one. It might need to simmer a bit, but I’m betting it’s going to boil over and scald the entire GOP field.

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