Laura Ingraham’s Radio Show Cancelled Due To Advertiser Boycott


The world will be a better place in 2019, if for no other reason than Laura Ingraham has lost one of her platforms for hatemongering, her radio show previously syndicated by Courtside Entertainment Group, due to loss of advertising revenue.  But before you get too excited, she’ll be replacing it with a podcast and she’s still a fixture on Fox News. Media Matters did a lengthy article on the lowlights of Ingraham’s show. If you find yourself wondering for even a moment why the RWNJs think like they do, here is the mother lode of their dogma, 17 years of it.

Ingraham fawned over Donald Trump’s bigoted rhetoric on immigration; she defended his calls for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, and even argued that the ban was “not broad enough,” claiming that she would “go farther” and be “even worse than Trump.”

She asserted that “Middle Eastern countries have got to be told… we’re cutting you off,” questioned why the U.S. should allow Muslim immigration ”knowing that we can’t tell if an Islamic individual is going to be radicalized.”

She fearmongered about Muslim immigrants as “people who have dual loyalties … whether it’s the Quran, or the Quranic way of thinking, versus the loyalties to the United States.”

Ingraham claimed that Trump’s assertion that Mexico is “sending rapists” is true, and stated that Mexicans “have come here to murder and rape our people.”

She parroted Trump in claiming that “nobody has a right to be here except the people who are born here,” and said the United States should shoot deported immigrants if they try to re-enter the country.

She hyped fears of terrorism about Muslim refugee women, asking: “What’s underneath that burqa, baby?

After the October 2017 mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival, she suggested that photos of the gunman’s room were staged and that he was in too “poor health” to have acted alone.

Before the 2016 election, Ingraham implied that Hillary Clinton may try to kill then-FBI Director James Comey if she won.

Ingraham pushed a discredited conspiracy theory that a Democratic National Committee staffer was murdered for leaking the hacked 2016 DNC emails.

After Christine Blasey Ford accused then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Ingraham argued that “George Soros is involved” because Ford’s “social media was scrubbed.” She also claimed — without offering any evidence — that Ford’s accusations were “a left-wing conspiracy.”

The boycott of sponsors of the radio show was a direct result of the efforts of David Hogg and other student activists in the wake of the Parkland shooting. Ingraham’s TV show was substantially affected as well.  Politico:

It’s not unusual for advertisers to flee temporarily when controversy strikes a television program. But the sustained loss of advertising minutes and big, nationally recognized brands from “The Ingraham Angle” shows the power of activist-led boycotts and the depth of major corporations’ concerns about offending would-be consumers in the hyperpoliticized era of President Donald Trump.

Early this year, Ingraham’s show averaged nearly 15 minutes of advertisements per hour, in line with those of her Fox News prime-time colleagues Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, according to an analysis for POLITICO by Kantar Media.

That number plummeted after the boycott campaign, and it still hasn’t recovered: Last month, “The Ingraham Angle” averaged 10 minutes and 50 seconds of ads per hour, Kantar Media found.

It’s not an all encompassing victory, but it is a victory none the less. This is how it starts. If the golden adage is “follow the money” the corollary to that rule is “hit ‘em in the pocketbook.”

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  1. Thank you Ursula for passing this news along. I don’t own a TV, haven’t watched mainstream media in years except for occasional print articles, and know this person only by name. Good to start 2019 with a bit of good news as I’m anticipating 2019 to be the most turbulent in the USA since the mid-late 1960’s.

    • I don’t watch TV either. I could. I get promo literature all the time to buy this, that, and the other on sale. I just don’t care. The movies I like I watch on computer and I binge watch TV shows. I think I will get a slightly bigger screen, maybe a 24 inch. But truthfully, I am fine lying in bed with a laptop. I wish I had technology like this available to me as a kid.

      Anyhow, to the point, Ingraham’s cancellation is making a lot of people happy. I am amazed at how many views this story has gotten, truly. That woman is not liked, and from reading the awfulness she was spreading, you can understand why.


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