Lara Trump is tone deaf on a lot of levels. When she released her single of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” in October, she was not only met with horrifically bad reviews, she received a cease & desist letter from the estate of the late singer. Trump has apparently decided to ignore it. She went back into the studio and did yet another take.

Evidently she believes two things: 1. She thinks her first version was “suppressed” and published that opinion this week on Twitter/X. In her mind, she has vast talent and only a Deep State plot could keep the world from recognizing that fact; 2. She also believes that if you put enough lipstick on a pig, it will morph into a high fashion model. If you can stomach it, here’s Trump’s latest.

It looks like Lara Trump has opted for legal fireworks because Tom Petty made it clear that he didn’t want Donald using his music and his estate has repeated this to Lara. And evidently the Trump crime family believes they can ignore all laws, not to mention considerations of decency and respecting peoples’ wishes.

It’s interesting to contemplate the mentality here. Lara Trump has evidently decided to “come out” as a country western star. The fact that she has no ability is irrelevant — and actually, that’s the only part of this saga that makes perfect sense. Her father-in-law has zero ability as a leader, yet he occupied the White House for four years. So having the actual wherewithal to do a job is irrelevant in Trump world. You just decide what you want to do, and whether it’s a musical career, being leader of the free world, dancing Swan Lake, you just go out and do it. And when you suck, it’s the Deep State being jealous of your genius and saying you suck. You’re really quite wonderful.

Spotify has the next Taylor Swift lined up, right here and right now, yet for political reasons, they won’t recognize this diva. That’s Lara Trump’s belief, in any event.

I think what we’re seeing here is yet another Trump ego out of control. They all believe that they have great gifts. Let’s see how long this lasts. I think the obvious is that there’s going to be some legal response from the Tom Petty Estate and if Lara Trump wants to embarrass herself further, here’s her chance.

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  1. The entire family, genetic and in-laws are all classic Dunning Kruger. Mediocre, white, moneyed, talentless morons who THINK they are everything they WANT to be. “Don’t dream it, be it!” It’s all “our” fault. Once we began worshiping clueless fools for having sex tapes released about them, it was inevitable.

  2. I couldn’t bring myself to click on the “offering” of her second attempt at this. I’d rather listen to screeching of a couple of rabid cats in an old factory that makes old-school chalkboards on top of a big slab of that material with their claws scratching away and adding to their vocals.

  3. Laura Laura Laura…please don’t tempt the rest of us by requesting we stand you at the gates of hell. In the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the outlaw insisting on a knife fight to the death, invited Sundance to stay after he killed Butch. Butch, as he was preparing, said to Sundance, I don’t want to be a sore loser, but, if I’m dead after it’s over, kill him. Sundance said:”love to”, as he smiled and waved at the guy. Some of us vermin would love to send you and all you nazis STRAIGHT TO HELL. Keep caterwalling and someone just might snap. Oh, and I hear rumors the Devil hates singing. FYI.

  4. Oh, people, people. Come now. We just haven’t learned to appreciate Lara’s “unique” talent in the same manner that people a century ago were blessed to receive the grandiose talents of the estimable Florence Foster Jenkins (the Grande Dame of Modern American Cinema, Meryl Streep, portrayed Florence Foster Jenkins in the film of the same name).

    Then again, maybe Lara will go down in history as the 2020s version of William Hung (the notoriously ungood singer who auditioned for the third season of “American Idol”) except for the fact that Hung acknowledged his lack of any professional training and was remarkably humble when his “talent” was challenged.

  5. I hope the Petty estate goes after her with all the legal options available. You can’t just take what is legally someone else’s property and misuse it for your own personal gain. I would love for or any tRump family member to learn that lesson.

  6. Laura’s getting a bit long in the tooth for a Trump.husband. Maybe she is desperately trying to establish a career before Eric trades her in on someone younger, thinner, blonder,,and can sing on key.

  7. I listened to it and almost threw up. I have seldom heard a song so badly done. Furthermore, if I were a member of his family, I would sue her. I am glad that they told her to cease and desist. But, they need to go further to get it into her head that what she did was illegal.

  8. She’s been hanging with the trumps too long and their compulsion to steal everything not nailed down had spread to her. Honestly, I kind of hope she continues on this road. The trial nailing her ass for this theft will show the world her complete lack of talent and likely remove some ill-gotten gains from trump pockets.


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