LA Judge Preventing WH Ability To Moderate Social Media Considered Unconstitutional


This was expected and it did not take long. Laurence Tribe weighed in on the injunction brought by a federal judge after two Republican attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri brought a suit alleging that the White House was going too far in its efforts to curb disinformation on social media.

Washington Post:

The Donald Trump-appointed judge’s move could undo years of efforts to enhance coordination between the government and social media companies. For more than a decade, the federal government has attempted to work with social media companies to address criminal activity, including child sexual abuse images and terrorism. […]

Over the past five years, coordination and communication between government officials and the companies increased as the federal government responded to rising election interference and voter suppression efforts after revelations that Russian actors had sowed disinformation on U.S. social sites during the 2016 election. Public health officials also frequently communicated with the companies during the coronavirus pandemic, as falsehoods about the virus and vaccines spread on social networks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“The injunction is strikingly broad and clearly intended to chill any kind of contact between government actors and social media platforms,” said Evelyn Douek, an assistant professor at Stanford Law School.

That is a recipe for disaster, especially considering how social media platforms are as toxic as they have become, especially Twitter. Twitter is being taken over by right-wingers and they are planting disinformation the way the rest of us plant flowers.

This is going to be one hell of an interesting legal battle. I never thought I’d live to see the day when Truth v. Lies would be on the docket.

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  1. It took 400,000 dead American BOYS to stop fascism in WW2. That’s not counting civilian dead, the wounded, the veterans suffering from battle fatigue,(now called PTSD), and the suicides. It is hard to accept one of our two political parties has gone over to the enemy.

  2. It’s okay for Trump to lie to the public for years on Twitter, but it’s not okay for Biden to set the matter straight. /s

  3. I never thought I’d live to see the day when Truth v. Lies would be on the docket.

    That’s following reality, the truth vs lies conflict started with Reagan.

  4. Social media by and large has very little worth and twitter has none at all. The sooner people realize just how asinine twitter is, the better off they’ll be-certainly an IQ point or two smarter at the very least.

    Everyone whines and moans about space karen purchasing the damned thing but running it into the ground and out of business is a good thing. Hopefully his complete lack of business acumen results in a fire sale soon.

  5. THE SCOTUS decided that corporations are citizens. Following this logic, therefore, the federal government—a corporation—is also a citizen and has the same rights of citizenship as anyone else, including the right to free speech.


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