Kushner Is Next: VF Reporter Predicts Kushner Will Be Next Under Trump Bus


If you are like me, the phrase “thrown under the bus” elicits the same reaction as seeing a cockroach. It is just so so so overused, had a “sell-by” date in 2012. Being an author, we like to come up with newer, edgier, analogies, especially ones that turn into memes that essentially define an era. But, when I see that a Vanity Fair reporter went on Morning Joe to predict that Jared Kushner will get thrown under the bus next, my reaction was; yessssss. The reason is simple. I don’t want Kushner ending-up in any better position than any other person that Trump burned through in trying to save himself. So, in this one instance, I want equal treatment for “Jared.”

The author of a forthcoming book on President Donald Trump’s children agreed with Rudy Giuliani that Jared Kushner was, when it comes down to it, ultimately “disposable.”

The former New York City mayor told Fox News host that the president’s son-in-law could be tossed overboard if the special counsel probe implicated Ivanka Trump, and Vanity Fair reporter Emily Jane Fox put those remarks into context on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Yes, that is probably right. Though, of course, it is leaving out a few details that make the decision appear a little less sexist, details like it was not Ivanka who found herself meeting with the Russian ambassador in Trump tower and asking for a back channel to the Kremlin through the Russian Embassy. That was Jared. Jared also met – alone, a big no-no among diplomats who actually know what they’re doing – till all hours of the night with the Saudi Prince “talking business.” The discussion with Prince Mohammed bin Salman predated (by mere weeks) the rounding -up of Kingdom dissidents which resulted in the torture and murder of at least one man, and it just so happens that the names of those opposition members (and their possible covers) had been in the President’s Daily Briefing in the months prior, back when Jared still had access to the document. So, one can make the argument that, much as Ivanka might have done to deserve a place under the …prison transportation vehicle, she likely has not done anything that led directly to someone’s death – likely.

It is a pretty good bet that Mueller, being one of the best prosecutors on Earth, has noticed that Jared keeps the worst company (that is true through several layered definitions):

“Bob Mueller is keeping the collusion aspect very close to his vest,” Goldman said, “and I would expect at some point that is going to come out and people should be nervous, Jared Kushner should be nervous, Roger Stone is someone who should be nervous, Paul Manafort — there may be more indictments against him. We have not heard the last of it, but we don’t hear very much about Kushner, but I don’t think that means Bob Mueller is not focusing on him.”

At this point, I would think that anyone claiming close friendships and support for Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Rudy Guiliani, should worry about impending criminal charges, whether one is involved with the Trump administration or not. Jared Kushner even pushed to have Rudy Guiliani named Secretary of State, which after the last few days, should qualify as felony lack of judgment.

“He was very much a supporter of Rudy being Secretary of State,” Brzezinski said. “He wanted that, he was pushing that in a big way, and he was extremely defensive of Michael Flynn. He said, ‘You’ve got to understand, you may not support Michael Flynn as national security adviser, but he really understands Donald, he travels with him’ — these are Jared’s words. ‘He calms him down.’”

Sweet baby Jesus, are we talking about a secretary of state or a nanny? I suppose in the Trump White House, one must be a little of both, the job descriptions are quite similar.

Guess who is neither? Jared Kushner, and that is why it will not be long before he joins everyone else on the asphalt between the wheels.


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