Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer

This isn’t getting the coverage it deserves, but it should, because it might just throw the Trump Georgia election fraud trial into total turmoil. Let me explain.

There was a steady stream of political miscreants that paraded in and out of the Fulton County jail today to turn themselves in for processing on their outstanding criminal indictments. And the Sheriff was more than happy to provide mug shots of these formerly powerful nabobs to the media.

One of them was Kenneth Chesebro. Chesebro is a legal lamprey, he attaches himself to those better and smarter than him to move himself forward. Cheseboro clerked for liberal icon constitutional scholar Lawrence Tribe in the 2000 Bush v Gore case that settled the 2000 election for Bush, and then turned around and bastardized Tribes research and arguments in order to turn himself into a Chinese contortionist to justify the fake electors scheme. In other words, a lowlife scumbag.

But today Chesebro let his scumbag freak flag fly. Because while Chesebro was busy getting printed and mug shot, his lawyer was in court throwing a neutron bomb in the middle of Fani Willis’s RICO corruption case. And set off alarm bells for every other co-defendant in the case.

Every criminal defendant under Georgia law, dant has the right to a speedy trial under law. And today Cheseboro’s lawyer went to court to officially request a speedy trial under Georgia law. It was a calculated risk to at least threaten to force Willis to go to trial before she may be ready, but in the process he hung his co-defendants out to dry.

From my understanding, Georgia law is kind of quirky. According to the law, criminal courts meet in the odd months. The timing of the trial depends on the date of the filing. And if what I heard on MSNBC tonight is correct, then by filing for a speedy trial on behalf of his client today, he ensured that the trial would have to begin no later than October 3rd. And since Cheseboro is one of 19 co-defendants, under Georgia state law, all of them must be ready for trial on October 3rd.

Talk about a nightmare scenario. Cheseboro is playing a hole card. He’s betting that Willis won’t be ready to go to trial that quickly. But in the process, he’s dragging all 18 of his co-defendants down into the same legal quagmire with him.

Once all of the criminal defendants have surrendered and been booked, and especially after the myriad of individual arraignments, look for a rash of motions from counsel of other defendants in the trial, especially Trump, to have their cases severed from Chesebro’s case. The rats are about to run down the ropes of the sinking shit honestly know

And let’s not forget this. In questioning after his surrender, John Eastman said that he was paying his legal expenses, was paying his legal bills, but his own attorney directly contradicted him by saying that he didn’t honestly know who was paying his legal fee. Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis is crowd funding 5o try to pay her legal fees, and the miscreant know  as Trump  employee four ditched his Trump paid lawyer, got a federal public defender, and promptly rolled over on Trump and his co-defendants in the Mar-A-Lago documents case.

This thing just keeps getting worse for Traitor Tot. In Georgia, there are a whole passel of people who are not getting their legal bills paid for Trump, and who are looking at hard time in a Georgia prison. In Florida, Trump Employee Four just rolled over and stated that Trump personally pressured him to delete the security tapes. Trump and his McLawyers don’t have enough fingers to plug all the holes in the dike.

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  1. I watched the same show. The major question was whether Ms. Willis would be ready to prosecute. Something tells me she’s more ready than the defense of any one of these defendants. If, and it’s always an if when a judge rules on a motion, if they get granted, his trial could go on I suspect, revealing all kinds of things. If they all go at once, who do you think is more ready with evidence? I’d lay my bets with her. Their ignorance and arrogance has already provided enough evidence for a grand jury. It’s not much of a leap to think another jury would find them guilty. There’s also the possibility more flipping will occur. The popcorn starts a popping when the heat gets turned up. The last kernels get burned.

    • Ms. Willis has been stalking her game since January 2021. She has been cautious and deliberate at every turn, even when the grand jury foreperson starting talking to the press. She’s bet most of her future on this one shot, politically the biggest game of them all: Donald John Trump.

      If she succeeds in putting Trump’s head on her trophy wall, she’s got a Golden Ticket™ to DC. FBI Director? Solicitor General? Attorney General? Supreme Court Justice? Any of these could be within her reach at the pronouncement of GUILTY by the jury.

      If she fails… the public defenders’ office might not take her in.

      Personally, I like the sound of Attorney General Fani Willis.

    • Ms. Willis took her time so she could have all her ducks in a row before indicting former guy. Cheseboro’s little move might make her laugh heartily, but it will do little else unless it is to the co-defendants. Honestly I’m wondering if she isn’t saying to the folks in her office “Cool. I wanted to get on with this and done with it and this fool just made it happen”.

  2. Ms Williz, I believe, has her own reasons for wanting a speedy trial. Remember the law the Georgia legislature passed allowing them to investigate and fire DAs? Yes, it was signed into law, but it is not yet in effect. On account of the ex post facto principle, laws have healthy waitinng times before goinginto effect. I recently heard (but have not verified ) that this one takes effect in October. I don’t know what date, or, as i said, even if the month is correct. But the investigation must come before the firing in any case. If she can get it done in October, it’s done.Appeals, yoes, but thoe are out of her hands. She will have finished her part.

  3. Now that we know Judge McAfee has approved an October 23rd trial, but only for Cheesboro, let’s see where this goes when Ms Willis files what will be a clear and detailed request to not separate one defendant from the rest. I think this isn’t over, not by a long shot. However, if Cheesboro is found guilty, as I imagine he will be, tht will bode quite ill for the rest of the Trump mob. At least that will be a hopeful note.


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