When it comes to the issue of Trump and anything, it’s the same old thing. Hurry up and wait, hurry up and wiat. First there’s lights and sirens, and then you just spend forever sitting in a treatment gown, ass hanging out and black socks on your feet, while you wait for the test results.

Point in example. It was a full two weeks of imminent ago when Fulton County DA argued against the judge releasing the grand jury’s final report, since it might have detrimental effects on her final preparations. Today the judge decided that he had had enough imminent to last him for a while, and announced a decision. While the judge is keeping the majority of the report sealed for now, he determined that there were three portions that served the public interest, with certain redactions.

And all three are potentially fascinating. First, on Thursday the judge will release the introduction. This could be interesting because this report was produced and issued by the grand jury itself. The introduction figures to be just that, a precis of the investigation and overview of the witnesses and evidence to come. This could be enlightening simply because, while they may not name names or specific evidence, it may point to potential subjects or possible avenues to other crimes that no one has been aware of yet.

The second part that the judge will release is The Conclusion. But! That is most likely the part that will contain the greatest redactions. Because while it will contain the panel’s logic and reasoning, and will recommend whether or not indictments should be sought, what will not be released are any names of people to be indicted, or any specific charges that should be sought. But since the centerpiece of this whole exercise is Trump, the recommendation of any indictments to be sought should have him bouncing off the walls like a Jai Alai ball, even though he isn’t specifically named.

The third section is the one that has the potential to be the most fascinating of all. The judge is going to release a portion of section eight. An the part that is to be released deals with the grand jury revealing its concerns that it had been lied to by several of the witnesses that appeared before it. Once again specific names and testimony will not be named, but the cool part is that they really don’t have to be.

Just look at the rogues gallery of miscreants that took turns parading down to Atlanta to have a little fireside chat with Auntie Fani. There was Mark Meadows, Roger Stone, Lindsey Graham, and Rudy Giuliani. And those are just the ones that come off the top of my head. There were also several state legislators potentially invo,ved in the fraud elector scandal. What I’m looking forward to once this drops on Thursday, is whether or not we suddenly start hearing news reports from various lawyers, calling DA Willis in a panic, wanting to schedule an appointment for their client to update and correct their testimony. After all, a charge of perjury makes a perfect placekeeper to get the criminal in the system while you dot the I’s and cross the T’s on the rest of the charges.

There’s just one thing I’m wondering about. DA willis released a statement today in which she stated that she had no intention of filing an appeal on the judge’s ruling. She’s already had two weeks of imminent, and once that report is released to the public, the rumors and pressure on her and her office are going to be intense. I’ve just got a funny feeling in my gut. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, sometime between now and release time on Thursday, the Fulton County DA’s office doesn’t schedule a snap press conference to announce charges ahead of the release of the report. She ran the table for as long as she could, and she has nothing to gain by waiting until after the report is released and steals some of her thunder to make the announcement. Just something to think about.

UPDATE – Mucho Grassy-ass to Rachel Maddow for filling a very important blank, and offering almost instant clarity. In my article I had neither seen nor read the actual ruling from the judge, I simply related what was read or broadcast on MSNBC. Leave it to Rachel, the court transcript maven to have one lying around, and finding the gold nugget in the drawer full of brass buttons.

Basically the judge kind of blew up the Crying Game shtick ending in his ruling. In the ruling he said something akin to, In its final report, the special grand jury basically gave the District Attorney everything she asked for. Basically a step by step roadmap of whom to indict and not indict as well as a specific list of charges for those indictments.Releasing this basic information with no specific information will not do injury to the overall process.

The secret is out, the jury recommended multiple indictments against multiple individuals. The only question is Who? And for what? But I’ll remind you of one simple thing. As they said in Blade, Trinity; It started with Blade, and it ended with Blade. And all of the rest of us were just along for the ride. And so it is here. It started with Trump, and it ended with Trump, and everything else was just filler. There’s no doubt, Willis went into that special grand jury with Trump in her sights, and that will never change. Anybody else caught up is nothing more or less than collateral damage.

MSNBC reported earlier tonight that there is a new, regular grand jury scheduled to be empaneled in the first week of March. That will give Willis a clean grand jury to start with, and special grand jury recommendations already in her hip pocket. Sphincters are getting loose all over Georgia, Washington, and Florida as we speak. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Would Willis having Sweet Georgia Brown playing in the backdrop (should she announce indictments) be to in-your-face to Trump and MAGAs?

  2. Joseph thank you and I hope it all goes the way, the people who can actually see the truth, that I hope it does. I was never much for politics until tfg threw in his cap, then I got terrified and started to REALLY pay attention. And when he won I got so sick to my stomach. I am still learning about politics, and the more I learn the more I understand. I changed my handle on here from WiccanWoman to my real name as I really do want to learn. I am Wiccan and very proud of it.

  3. I’d really like to see how this plays out before I die . Right now anything with a glimmer of hope will do . Just tired of waiting that’s all 😞


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