Kavanaugh’s First Public Words to World: Lie.


Brett Kavanaugh’s first real public words to the world involved an almost farcical lie as attempt-to-kiss-the-ring of the man who just appointed him to be the swing vote on the Supreme Court.

Let’s be extremely clear here. This man was not speaking off the cuff, in surprise, fear, whatever. He had known for at least hours he would be giving this speech in front of the nation. What does he do?

He kisses Trump’s ass in a way that he knows Trump worries about the most, and did it with an obvious on its face lie.

Trump had a list made for him, a list including a couple dozen people, at most, made by the Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society, and Trump made his pick from the menu of perhaps at most five or six real items.

Zoomers, Presidents have sicced staffs on piles on actual files of actual people and spoken to actual Senators to get actual ideas. Presidents have considered over one hundred applicants, spent months pouring over the decision, consulted both parties, various interest groups. In no way can anyone claim that no president has ever consulted more widely …

Did Trump call the ACLU? Did Trump even call the American Bar Association? The Sierra Club? The Petroleum Institute? (No, he didn’t need to call the Petro Int. they have aligned with the Federalist Society). I doubt it, we all know  Trump had “the list” and “the list” would be the guide.

I can point out that Trump likely didn’t consult any Democratic Senators, or the ABA, or the ACLU or Planned Parenthood. How many women did Trump “consult” in making his choice? How many people of color? How many poor people did Trump consult with?

The fact is that Kavanaugh knows that no president had ever spoken to fewer people, a narrower group, in making the decision, and Kavanaugh had to know that Trump worried about that very fact, because “the list” had been such an obvious talked-about item. From that realization, that Trump worried about the shallowness of the search, Kavanaugh’s first inclination is to cover for his “boss,” by telling a lie, something laughably false.

That’s our SCOTUS nomination. Someone who is not supposed to see the president as his boss. Someone who is supposed to be the best judge of the judges, someone sober, scholarly, deeply deliberate.

In his first sentences to the world, he:


And covered for Trump.

That’s Brett Kavanaugh, and that, my friends here, is exactly why this man was Trump’s easy pick that we predicted a week ago.


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