If you didn’t believe in karma before, this has to make a believer out of you. It certainly would me. Cast your mind back (ye who are old, like me) to the late ’70’s. Does the name Anita Bryant ring a bell? Yes, we speak of Miss Oklahoma, 1958, who became an entertainer and then became part of an anti-LGBTQ movement in Florida. Her signature line at that time was, “Gays can’t reproduce so they have to recruit.”

I had a gay roommate at that time and his words to me were, “Where was the gay recruiter when I needed him?” I said, “He was hanging out with the invisible drug dealer. Remember how we were told that there were drug dealers on the University of Colorado campus and they would ‘give drugs’ to people to get them hooked?'” Oh yes, we looked in vain for free drugs and gay recruiters in those days.

Fast forward to summer of 2021. It was reported that Sarah Green, granddaughter of Anita Bryant, was about to marry a woman and grandma was shocked.

Here’s a video on Bryant. It contains that wild pie-in-the-face scene and a lot of other great stuff.

Green is the daughter of Bryant’s oldest son with her first husband, Robert Green Jr. In high school and college, Green realized she was attracted to women rather than men. On her 21st birthday, she listened over the phone as Bryant, now 81, sang her “Happy Birthday” and prophesied that a husband was in her future. In a moment of frustration, Green came out.

“She would not stop talking about the right man coming along, and I just snapped and was like, ‘I hope that he doesn’t come along, because I’m gay, and I don’t want a man to come along,'” Green said on the podcast.

When Green’s father told Bryant about the engagement, Bryant was reportedly taken aback.

Bryant formed Anita Bryant Ministries to carry on her anti-gay crusade. I wonder if it ever crossed her mind that some people are just born that way? Maybe when her son told her that his daughter was lesbian, maybe a light bulb went on then?

Bryant is still alive. She’s 83-years-old, and living in Florida. Her granddaughter and her wife are celebrating an anniversary soon. I wonder if she wishes them well? Or wishes them in Hell?


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  1. The most shocking thing from this post is that she is still alive. Wow, she must have some real karma to work out before she leaves this mortal coil. I always wonder about crusaders like anita and ronda santis. There is evidence that there is a genetic component of same sex attraction. What was she fighting off in her crusades. Maybe her grand daughter will be able to shed more light on it. Anita clearly hated gay men, very weird psychology.

  2. I keep wondering what will happen when, all these folks that want to do away with LGBTQ people realize that more of them are being born all the time. Sometimes in their own families.
    How they cope is interesting to watch.

    • These xtian cons have a remarkable amount of ignorance in genetics/DNA matters. I suppose it’s easy to believe in gay influencers when you know zippity-do-dah about science–especially biology.

  3. She never apologized for the harm she caused.
    But she paid a,well preserved price of bankruptcy and a divorce from an emotionally abusive and fanatical.right-wing Christian husband who.never accepted the legality of their divorce. I feel sorry for her granddaughter.

    • Thank you for your letter. One typographical question: When you wrote “well preserved price of bankruptcy,” did you mean “well-deserved price of bankruptcy”? Thanks again.

  4. Genetic or simply congenital really doesn’t matter. People are born the way they are born. Anyone sho claims to be a Christian should realize that the way people are born is the way God made them. And then go re-read (as many times as necessary) Act 10, wherein God tells Peter in a vision* “What God has made clean, do not call unclean,” and Peter (a good man, but never the brightest bulb in the chandelier) eventually gets the point, and says “God has shown me that I must not call anyone unclean.”

    Aside from the main point, we can also take from ths story that bigotry (probably of all kinds) was rampant in the first century (or the first few centuries) CE. Otherwise, why the need for a vision?

    *Or, if you prefer, Peter experiences a vision or a vivid dream which he receives as sent by God.

  5. Oh yes Miss Orange Juice she did more to normalize being gay than anyone else in the country. It was sometime around 1990 not sure when. That I lost a close friend to the dreaded aids. He had been living in St. Louis and caught the shit and decided he was gonna take some people with him and he raped my friend. I went down and helped him move out of his apartment as he was scared to go alone. After finding out what he did I said he better be a pretty good sized punk because someone was going to the hospital if he started anything.

  6. Well I forgot how to edit. I didn’t know the first guy that had the aids although I did meet him that day. I’m of a fair size although younger at the time. I don’t talk a lot and the guy said some stuff and I just stared at him. He eventually found it would be better to stay out of my way.


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