It must be some kind of a disease. We know that Everything Trump Touches Dies, but evidently, it’s contagious. Whatever this legal malaise is, it has certainly spread down to Kari Lake and her ridiculous legal efforts to overturn the results of the Arizona election.

Time is marching on and with it, legions of lawyers who have told Lake that they need to move on to greener pastures.

And that’s fine with Lake. She only wants “patriots” which is one of those words that means the opposite of what the dictionary meaning of the word is, depending upon which side of the cultural fence you find yourself on.

And of course it gets worse. There’s only one direction for all this to slide, and it’s downhill.

Kari either doesn’t know the difference between a trial and a hearing or she assumes that the rubes don’t. Maybe both.

Here’s the bottom line, literally. The buck stops here — your buck, if you’re stupid enough to send one. Kari Lake is happy to pocket it.

You know what they say about the definition of insanity.

I guess that these people enjoy each other’s company or something, right? Because surely they can’t be thinking that they’re actually going to see Lake wind up in the governor’s mansion or Trump back on Pennsylvania Avenue? Or, maybe they do think that.

The weirdness continues, but not for long. January is when people who were elected get sworn in. We’ll see what strange twists and turns Lake’s machinations take then.



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    • Who paid Goetz’s settlement for him? You know he couldn’t fund the amount of the law suit against him? Somebody owns this dude I think? Kneel down Matt?


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