Steve Deace is a right wing nut job who regularly champions anti-vaccine agitprop and hosts a podcast on Glenn Beck’s “Blaze” network. I could write many paragraphs illustrating his profound stupidity, but for the purposes of this piece I will just post two of his recent tweets, which will give you a fair measure…

This is his response to the “Cocaine in The White House” falderal which republicans are determined to spin into a major scandal:

(His Twitter icon, BTW, bears no resemblance to his actual balding, bespectacled pudgy self, but I will spare you his photograph.)

And here he is bemoaning the fact that Kari Lake’s recently published book of fairy tales hasn’t even garnered orders on Amazon by the normally reliable Republican think tanks and political organizations that so often pad the sales numbers of other similar conservative authored doorstops:

Gee, I dunno, Steve, maybe because it is garbage?

Maybe Steve should read some reviews of Unhinged… er… “Unafraid” to get a better idea.

This one, by The Guardian might just answer his question.

“Unafraid is a grievance-packed audition in Lake’s tireless quest to be named Trump’s running mate in 2024. He wrote the book’s foreword. Donald Jr is her publisher.”

Well, there you go, Steve, the Orangeutan can’t write and his spawn can barely read, so there are two strikes against her before she even gets in the batter’s box.

But The Guardian is just getting warmed up:

“Like her idol, Lake is simultaneously embittered and energized by the electorate’s rejection. The pair occupy the same wavelength. Reality is an inconvenience…

…Unafraid is bile-filled and breezy. Introspection takes a holiday. Lake trashes high-profile LGTBQ+ Americans, embraces Paul Gosar of Arizona, one the most extreme and incendiary members of the Republican party … and demands national unity.

“Congressman Gosar is ‘the GOAT’. We need strong, America First Patriots like Gosar at every level of government.”

I have seen scant evidence that Gosar is not an actual goat, Kari, did your caps lock get stuck?

“Lake does nothing to mask her antipathy toward Biden and gay, lesbian and transgender members of his administration. She singles out Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s transportation secretary, and Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, for particular opprobrium.

Buttigieg, she writes, “couldn’t even fix the potholes in South Bend, Indiana”, where he was mayor, but became “transportation secretary just because he was gay”.

Well done, Kari, nothing like a little unsubstantiated gay bashing to drive those sales numbers!

But if Deace is really interested in knowing why his sweetheart’s book isn’t selling, perhaps he should read the number one rated review by Daniel on Amazon which 339 users have found helpful:

“A Fearless Dive Into The Shallow End of The Pool

In a world where fear is the new currency, Kari Lake’s “Unafraid” is a daring attempt to print her own money. The book, a self-proclaimed manifesto of courage, is a testament to the author’s ability to remain unflinching in the face of… well, mostly minor inconveniences and a few strongly worded tweets.

Lake’s prose is as subtle as a sledgehammer, and she wields it with the finesse of a toddler in a china shop. Her arguments, as robust as a house of cards in a hurricane, are presented with the conviction of a flat-earther at a geography convention. She takes on the establishment with the tenacity of a chihuahua taking on a mailman, and the results are just as entertaining.

The book is a veritable buffet of buzzwords, served up with a side of righteous indignation. Lake’s fearless exploration of her own echo chamber is truly something to behold. She bravely confronts the straw men she herself has erected, and emerges victorious every time. It’s a David and Goliath story, if David and Goliath were the same person.

“Unafraid” is a masterclass in confirmation bias, a tour de force of cognitive dissonance. It’s a book that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the world, mainly because it presents a version of the world that exists only in the author’s imagination.

In the end, “Unafraid” is a testament to the power of self-belief. Lake’s conviction in her own views is as unshakeable as it is unfounded. It’s a book that will leave you feeling inspired, bewildered, and perhaps a little bit afraid for the future of literature.

All in all, “Unafraid” is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good laugh, a healthy dose of irony, and a generous sprinkling of alternative facts. It’s a rollercoaster ride through the funhouse mirror of Lake’s mind, and it’s a journey you won’t soon forget.“

Does that clear things up for you, Steve?

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  1. These three words some up the entirety of the republican outlook and ‘philosophy’.

    “Reality is an inconvenience.”

  2. Sounds like Ms.Hairspray and Nails needs to include a free can of hairspray, so after huffing a can, all the tumbleweeds blowing across the barren landscape of her mind will seem more real to the reader.

  3. I just went to Amazon to look for myself. The overall rating for the book is 3.2 with a total of 20 ratings; 11 are 5-star, 9 are 1-star. What’s absolutely amazing though is the “helpful” difference. Of the 11 5-star ratings, 9 have reviews and those reviews have been “helpful” to a grand total of 668 people. Of the 9 1-star ratings, all have reviews and those have been “helpful” to a grand total of 1510 people.

    I also found a couple of the 1-star reviews to be very humorous. One by Anthony R Amos declares it “Required reading for all insomniacs” (the actual review says “Just when I thought I would never sleep again, this breakthrough read cured my insomnia!”) and one by tampagrl declares “So inspired!” (the review starts off “I’ll tell ya folks, I’ve never been MORE inspired in my life…to NOT read a book!”). And a couple of the reviews don’t hesitate to call it for what it is, “grifting.”

  4. I have a sick feeling your descriptor of “fanboy” for Deace only scratches the surface. He’s probably trying to get Lake’s attention and a dinner invite at Mar A Lago. Where to her dismay his inner INCEL will go into overdrive. Sadly for him she’s only got eyes for Trump. Which I guess is sad for her because even with a blond wig and a boob job from the surgeon who gave Ivanka hers she’ll never look enough like Trump’s daughter to be a substitute for his sickest obsession. I think of the old J. Geils Band’s Love Stinks – those opening lyrics: “You love her, But she loves him, And he loves somebody else, You just can’t win…”

  5. Read the reviews? Well, I was going to say read the book but-magat, con, likely xtian–can’t really expect concentration long enough to read anything longer than Winnie the Pooh.

  6. I live in Arizona. Most people here detest her. If she had won the election, she would have destroyed the state. She was only in it for the power that it would have given her. She will go to her grave insisting that she is the rightful governor of the state. I wish that she would crawl back under that slimy rock from which she slithered.

  7. Sorry Wallace Stevens…I’m the Emperor of Ice Cream and I hereby order that no future servings of my sacred concoction will be available to cult members. Their children will be exempt. I have to draw the line somewhere. Imaginary titles can be fun!


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