Kari Lake is evidently still at Mar-a-Lago. Maybe she’s moved in. Maybe Melania is thrilled. Who knows? All we do know is that Hari Kari has been a virtual fixture at Chez Trump since she lost the election to Katie Hobbs.

That may be because Donald Trump is the only one who she can really share her delusion of a stolen election with. That raises a very intriguing point: is Lake really under the misguided impression that she won the election and it was stolen or is she just pushing it as a talking point for grift? Or both?

The grifting angle is the presumption but maybe Lake is more of a soul mate of Trump’s than we know. Maybe she has the same kind of ego, which simply will not allow her to believe that she legitimately didn’t get something that she wanted. And if she didn’t get it, then foul play was involved.

I wonder if she can even walk into a coffee shop in Phoenix without people smirking and whispering. Maybe that’s why she’s still in Florida.

Here’s the rest of the gala scene. I guess it’s non stop party time until the first of the year. Why not? Trump may be looking at a prison cell.

Trump dances as badly as he does everything else. Not surprising.

Back to Hari Kari.

And we’re not bastards, Kari. I wonder why she calls us that? I can prove my parents were married, I’ll bet most of you folks can, too.

This is a tough shot to call. This is one of those situations which makes you wonder, “What don’t we know?” because clearly there’s some missing piece. For instance, if Lake is on some right-wing payroll now, and as long as the checks clear the bank, she’s going to show up and talk the talk. That makes some kind of sense.

Again, who knows? This is a case of first impression. She sees Trump’s star eclipsing for good, yet she’s hitched her wagon to it? Maybe she’s got something organically wrong with her brain and it’s affecting her mind?

And for Trump’s part, what, he’s going to ask her to be his VP? She’s got zero experience in government and her one election she lost? But this is the person who’s going to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? Because by any standard of common sense or logic, this is crazy. This is not how politics works.

And Kari has to see that Trump isn’t going to get the nomination. Rupert Murdoch has crucified him. It’s over.

Kari Lake is a strange bird. I don’t know where her journey will end, but so far it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.


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  1. As a former weather reporter I think she sees the storms a brewing and is looking for shelter from the storm. Of course she’s barking up the wrong tree but when panic sets in…the arms & lips start a flailing. All lust is blinding. A lust for power is a special kind of blindness.

  2. It’s beginning to look like people wanting to run for political office–especially under the banner of the GOP–need to be tested on how elections actually work. Not every person running for office is going to win their election and not winning an election does NOT mean the election was “stolen” from you.

    What’s really funny is someone should ask Lake, “Ms Lake, let’s say that you did actually receive slightly more votes than Ms Hobbs and had been declared the winner of the election. How would YOU feel if Ms Hobbs then declared that the election had been ‘stolen’ and that she was the rightful winner and refused to concede the election for days or weeks or even months?”

    I would SO love to watch Lake’s face as she tries to figure out how to answer without coming off as a total idiot. (Although I imagine it would largely be due to the fact that Democrats are expected to just “give up” if they don’t get a slight majority of the vote. That’s why I was saying, before the election, that Democrats who didn’t win should call out the GOPers’ con game by declaring their elections had been “stolen” and pointedly refuse to concede. It’d be so funny watching right-wingers have to go out there and put their hypocrisy on display–especially the ones who played along with Trump’s whole “stolen election” grift.)

  3. She’s got zero experience in government – neither did the marmalade Mussolini but that didn’t stop him or factor into any of the people he put in his administration.


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