Desperation is as desperation does. Donald Trump is desperate, and he’s got two loony lawyers that are desperate. Well, he’s got a lot more than two loony lawyers in his stable, but right now the two that are whinnying and kicking up their heels are Josh Blackman and Seth Tillman. If the names ring any kind of a bell, these are two of the people who are arguing the utterly absurd notion that the president of the United States is not in fact an “officer” of the United States.

That idea got shot down already but they’re back at it again, only this time it’s Jack Smith under the gun.

“If Special Counsel Smith is an ’employee of the United States,’ rather than an ‘Officer of the United States,'” the brief argues, “then he cannot exercise the ‘significant authority’ of a United States Attorney.”

Blackman and Tillman hope to present this argument to Cannon, the Florida federal court judge overseeing the case linked to 33 boxes of documents — including 17 marked as “top secret,” 54 as “secret” and 31 as “confidential” — uncovered at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in 2022.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to charges, accused Smith of conducting a political witch hunt, and launched what legal experts say is a delay campaign that hangs on him regaining the White House in 2025, when he could effectively kill the case.

But if Blackman and Tillman had their way, the case would be long dead before Trump faced off against President Joe Biden in November.

What follows is a thread from J. Michael Luttig’s Twitter account in January. He shot them down then and nothing has changed. If you missed this exchange then, nothing has changed. These are just two more legal whores either seeking to gain notoriety, or they’re praying that by some miracle their frivolous, specious, makeweight arguments win the day.

The Constitution is a remarkable document. I had a dear friend who taught Constitutional Law at Pepperdine University. He had a religious background and a spiritual bent and he told me once that he had often wondered whether the Constitution might have been divinely inspired. He had that much respect for the craftsmanship and the intellect that is embodied in that document.

I know nothing of such cosmic matters, but definitely adherence to our Constitution will keep us on the straight and narrow and maintain the rule of law, which is the underpinning of democracy. I have the utmost respect for Judge Luttig for putting the Constitution first above the treachery of a fallen Republican party and its disgraceful standard bearer, the reality TV trust fund baby — whose trust fund comically can’t save him.

No matter how much his cult members give him, it’s never enough.

Let’s see if these two crackpots are successful. Don’t hold your breath. Jack Smith was a judge at the World Court. I don’t think that some personnel classification, or whatever their Bizarro World point is, is going to somehow supersede the mountain of evidence he has in his possession. But as always, we know one thing to be true: there is no low they won’t go.

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  1. It’s a big ask……but I’d love to see two RW’er Justices “retire” and Biden have Lutig and Tribe confirmed to SCOTUS. in his next rerm. A third one will make it a hat-trick.

    • Absolutely not! While I admire judge Luttig for his stance here, the very last thing we need is another conservative on the court. I prefer to keep whatever little rights that I have intact.

  2. The constitution is only a remarkable document and only keeps us on the straight and narrow when the highest court in the land reads the damned thing, understands it, and rules accordingly. Our s.c. does not do this-they instead make shit up, pulling crap out of thin air, and ignore the actual words of the constitution.

    It can be the greatest thing ever written in the history of mankind but with our current s.c., it is only so much toilet paper for them to wipe their asses on. They proved this when they told CO that dingleberry had to be allowed on the ballot DESPITE his treason/insurrection. It is this sort of thing that happens when you have corrupt theocratic-wannabe idiots judging cases; we have the highest court in the land with six of these.

    I don’t know that our constitution can save us from them. WE can save ourselves by getting rid of those idiots in any and every way possible. I personally would like to watch them piss themselves when they are forced to look down the barrels of a whole bunch of loaded firearms aimed right at their empty heads. THAT would make my day-the karma being played out on the very people who made good and damned sure every day of our lives are filled with unspeakable horror and danger due to their moronic 2-A rulings. That would be actual justice.


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