Here we go again kiddies. What did I say yesterday? Is it too stupid to be true? Check. Does it involve Donald Trump or the GOP? Check. Does it involve kindergarten judge Aileen Cannon? Check. Then fill out the deposit slip and take it to the bank, it’s payable on demand.

This article was supposed to be about Trump’s handpicked Special Master, federal judge Raymond Dearie, and his intolerance for the nonsense of Trump’s legal team in the media. And it’s still bound to be about that. But there was breaking news tonight that we’ll cover at the end that shows the insanity of that is going on in the federal court in Florida.

To start with, senior federal district court judge Raymond Dearie, a Reagan appointee, made it clear early that he was sick and tired of the Trump legal team’s public assertions in the media that the FBI planted documents in Mar-A-Lago as a part of their raid. He gave the Trump defense a time limit to put up or shut up with documentation about those claims. Stick a pin in that, we’ll  get back to that in a bit.

But judge Dearie also hit the Trump defense team with a sanction to put up or shut up on their media claims that the documents that Trump took were either personal property, covered by attorney-client privilege, or previously declassified. The judge ordered the Trump team to provide a digital catalogue of all 11,000 documents, along with claims of what specific documents are protected. And he gave them a time limit of this Friday for this to be completed.

But it turns out that this isn’t in the Trump program. It seems that most digital transfer companies have already heard about Traitor Tot’s hesitance to pay his bills, and the Trump legal team advised the judge that they couldn’t find a company to do the work. Can you say Another bullshit delay boys and girls?

But in steps the DOJ. They offered to find a reputable firm, and underwrite their transfer of the documents over to digital media, with the Trump legal team being on the hoof to pay the bill. And the Trump legal team agreed to the conditions. And you can bet your ass the DPJ will make sure that Trump ponies up. The judge extended the deadline until 5 PM on Monday.

And now on to the Judge Cannon Mass Stupidity Alert. Judge Dearie laid a strict deadline for the Trump defense to either prove up their claims of the FBI planting documents in the Trump Mar-A-Lago raid, or stop making those claims in the media. This was the last thing that the Trump team wanted, they desperately need the FUX News bubblesphere to continue to whip up the FBI planted documents theme in order to keep the base idiots interested and engaged.

So of course, the Trump defense team went running to judge Loose Cannon, screaming bloody murder. And tonight Judge Cannon, who appointed judge Dearie, overruled his original ruling and absolved the Trump legal team from proving up. Any thoughts that traffic court judge Cannon might want to resurrect her judicial career went down like a porn star.

The idiot savant judge gave Trump’s defense team until November 4th to submit the electronic transfer to digital, and their claims of any proprietary documents to the Special Master. But here’s the funny thing. None of this shit actually matters! The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has already given the DOJ and the FBI the right to continue to use the classified documents in their investigation, and nothing else matters.

But here’s what does matter. When the Special Master finally files his report, he will file it with Judge Cannon, who appointed him. And if the divorce court judge disagrees with any of his findings, then she has the prerogative to overrule him on those issues. Which is when the DOJ will immediately go back to the 11th Circuit. And as Blade one famously said, Some dumb motherfuck ers are always trying to ice skate uphill. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. This quote from Blade II (the best of the trilogy, IMO) also applies: “You obviously…do not know…who you are F***ING WITH!” All this useless dancing just to salve Trump’s ego and Cannon’s pride…what a waste of everyone’s time.

  2. Judge Loose Cannon’s banking on the Repugnicans winning in November and again in ’24. That would guarantee her heroic status amongst the MAGA morons and a sure seat on the SCOTUS, lack of qualifications or ability be damned. This is right out of the Hitler 1933 playbook: take over the judiciary and the country’s yours to plunder. Never forget: the holocaust was made legal by Adolf’s chosen juciciary.

  3. Cannon is corrupt. Oh now you are a soothsayer. I’m not a believer in soothsayers. By the way I suggest if you really want women to come flocking to your swingers page, don’t answer every question with ” I’ll tell you later”. Sounds like a serial killer. Yeah once I kidnap you, chain you to the wall in my basement, I’ll tell you what you don’t want to know. Just a suggestion. As is check out Rachael Maddow & get off conspiracy sites that spews lies. There may be hope for you yet but you need to get out of your cult. By the way, your leader doesn’t happen to call himself ‘messiah’ does he? Oh wait…I forgot…he has. Uh oh.

    • Scott, you don’t really think he meets ANYONE on that website? Anyone desperate enough would be too stupid to use a computer to get on the site. I suspect strongly that when he’s on his device, it’s a one-handed operation leaving the other hand free for wrist development, (if you know what I mean ;-).


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