Believe it or not, that title wasn’t meant as an overt insult to judge Aileen Cannon. More of a literal question as to her professional and judicial as a reference to her qualifications to sit on the Mar-A-Lago documents case.

You need to remember, judge Cannon is only in her mid 30’s. The profession she chose pretty much mandated that she wouldn’t even begin her legal journey until her mid 20’s. And her professional progress seems to have proceeded at what can only be called a leisurely pace. As an Assistant US Attorney Cannon only took part in something like four cases, and only one as lead. In her Senate Judiciary committee questionnaire, where it asked for her professional writings for publication, her only entry was some Q-Anon quality screed to a local magazine about how certain vegetables cure cancer.

Her judicial resume is just as barren. Her calendar so far has been mostly made up of lower level drug and illegal firearms offenses. She has only presided over something like six cases, and the longest one lasted five days. In perfect honesty, she has yet to be challenged in any serious way as either a lawyer or judge. Nor does she seem to have any real passion for her job, since she can’t be bothered to publish articles about her profession. Frankly I wouldn’t hire a secretary with her qualifications.

But Dear Lord is she a Godsend to the Trump defense team, and they’re planning on playing her like a farmer from Iowa at at a 5th Avenue 3-card monte table in Manhattan. And the easiest way to do that is to subliminally make her feel dumb. Which they tried to do today.

Their approach to judge Cannon today in court was to make her feel like a teenager on a high school field trip taking pictures of all of the really BIG buildings they have in New York. In their presentation Trump’s legal bottom feeders repeatedly referred to the incredible complexity of this case.

And then they tried to cement their case in bullsh*t, by rattling off spectacular numbers meant to dazzle and blind Cannon. They went on to argue to the judge that in the discovery process the prosecution had dumped some 800,000 documents on them, each of which had to be personally perused to properly defend their client. They went on to point out that over 1000 days of surveillance video had been turned over, each minute of which must be examined in order to properly represent their client.

What total horse feathers!  I’m not even a lawyer, and I can tell you that this is one of the simplest documents cases of all time! It revolves around three incredibly simple questions. Was Trump in possession of classified national security documents? Was Trump entitled legally to be in possession of such documents? And did Trump undertake criminal steps to hide said documents in order to maintain them when their return was demanded? That’s it folks. That’s all this is about in a nutshell. About as complicated as a game of 52 pickup.

And Smith’s team made that point forcefully. They advised the judge that those 800,000 documents that they turned over to the defense are totally irrelevant! They’re nothing more or less than the documents that were recovered from Mar-A-Lago, both voluntarily as well as in the execution of the search warrant. They’re not going to be discussing those documents at trial, other than in the general mention of their recovery. There’s nothing for them to look for there.

Likewise with the 1000 days of video that was turned over. True, 1000 days of video was what was seized by the FBI by search warrant, and it’s what the FBI agents had to suffer through watching. But the only small number of video clips that will be used at trial have already been segregated and marked for the defense by Smith’s team. There’s no reason for the Trump defense team to watch any of the rest of it, unless they’re jonesing for a Brady Bunch marathon.

It’s really that simple. The defense is dead set on using 800,000 documents and 1000 days of surveillance video to bamboozle judge Cannon rather than the actual 31 classified documents that were recovered that represent the core of the Governments case.

And El Pendejo Presidente is doing his best to muddy the waters to lead judge Cannon along. In every rally speech, town hall, and FUX News interview, The Dumpy Despot goes out of his way to tell his sheeple that this whole dispute is about The Presidential Records act, and how he did everything perfectly. Not only is FrankenTrump lying about the law, he’s blatantly lying about the case!

Sweet Jesus, just read the indictments! Trump is charged with 31 violations of the Espionage Act for unauthorized possession of national security documents, and six counts of obstruction of justice for trying to conceal and continue to possess said documents after their return was demanded by subpoena. Nowhere in the indictments is The Presidential Records Act even mentioned. That’s all just another part of the scam.

Which begs the question from the title, Is Judge Aileen Cannon smarter than a 5th grader? We’re about to find out. Bit it’s not like this is all up to judge Cannon alone. Like every federal judge, she has at least one law clerk. She can sic her on doing some basic research into the basic real legal points in this case. And it’s not like judge Cannon can’t fire up her laptop and dop a little due diligence of her own in the online law library. After all, it’s not like it isn’t part of her job.

Judge Cannon has promised a timely ruling on the trial date issue. But then again, Fulton County DA Fani Willis announced that a charging decision was imminent back in April, so there ya go. But if judge Aileen Cannon falls for Trump’s bullsh*t, at least there’s a silver lining for her. She’s gonna look wicked bitchin’ sitting in that 5th grade classroom with a black judges robe on. Joy where you find it.

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  1. Now here’s an interesting website:

    It includes gems like this “…She disclosed that her mother escaped to communist Cuba when she was only 7 years old in search of freedom. Well, her mother and father’s names are currently kept a secret. …” …She is Colombian by nationality and follows Christianity as her religion….

    Her mother ‘escaped’ TO Cuba?????

    She’s COLOMBIAN???

    She doesn’t want anyone to know she actually HAS parents?

  2. This is it, the perfect summation, concise and succinct.

    “It revolves around three incredibly simple questions. Was Trump in possession of classified national security documents? Was Trump entitled legally to be in possession of such documents? And did Trump undertake criminal steps to hide said documents in order to maintain them when their return was demanded? That’s it folks. That’s all this is about in a nutshell. About as complicated as a game of 52 pickup.”

    It should be a short trial, and a short jury recess.

  3. All these docs, all these videos-oh noooo. Gotta ask these attorneys of mango man-have you heard of…staff? I cannot believe these docs aren’t being punted to associates and paralegals in the firm. Of course, it matters not what I believe I guess since I’m quite sure cannon thinks these couple of putzes are the only ones doing the actual reading and watching. And yes, I think she’s that stupid.

    • I’m pretty sure Trump expects his LAWYERS to actually do all the work (otherwise, why is he *theoretically, mind you* paying them?) rather than rely on mere underlings.

      I do doubt that Cannon would believe the lawyers are “the only ones doing the actual reading and watching” since she WAS an attorney herself. As Murf notes in his piece, “As an Assistant US Attorney Cannon only took part in something like four cases, and only one as lead.” Even if her experience was that paltry, she’s still going to know (or, at the very least, hopefully remember) that the attorney/s handling a case won’t be doing all the work themselves.

      • I feel safe in saying former guy has no idea what the lawyers are doing or who is perusing what docs, etc. and let’s face it, he feels his attorneys are “underlings” so delegating reading and viewing to others just mean a couple of attorneys can be constantly present to wipe his aSS.

  4. I’d like to know how a judge with this little experience, and who clearly has a conflict of interest, could be assigned this case of this magnitude. Is this truly a random process, or is the judicial system of Florida thoroughly corrupt?

    • This court is federal so FL has nothing to do with it. Apparently it is a random process. That said, she has proven to be incompetent (although that is certainly no bar to being a judge) as well as biased. It would be up to DOJ I guess to get a different judge. I am a bit surprised tho’ that the next tier up judges haven’t jumped in and taken this away from her-she will f**k it up and make the courts look, again, bad.

    • She was handpicked by the Federalist Society, and,Trump chose her from.the list they provided,probably because he liked her looks and someone e told him it would look good to.pick a,woman and/or a Hispanic.

  5. OTOH, if “even Judge Cannon” says tRump can’t delay anymore, doesn’t that tell us that “even” she “gets it?”


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