John Eastman is the latest member of Trump world to plead the Fifth Amendment. The wonder will be when and if one of these people actually answers a question and doesn’t plead the Fifth. The non productive Eastman situation led to the January 6 Committee filing a document on Thursday describing the laws that it believes Trump broke in his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Insider:

The panel said the evidence it’s gathered so far suggests that Trump tried to obstruct an official proceeding; conspired to defraud the United States; and engaged in common law fraud.

Thursday’s filing is not an indictment and does not charge Trump with a crime. It comes as part of the January 6 committee’s ongoing legal battle with the former law professor and Trump legal advisor John Eastman, who has made broad claims of privilege while refusing to cooperate with the panel’s investigation. The committee’s filing on Thursday was made in opposition to those claims.

With respect to obstruction of Congress, the filing noted that six judges “have addressed the applicability” of the relevant statute “to defendants criminally charged in connection with the January 6th attack on the Capitol.”

“Each has concluded that Congress’s proceeding to count the electoral votes on January 6th was an ‘official proceeding’ for purposes of this section, and each has refused to dismiss charges against defendants under that section,” the filing said.

The committee also believes Trump and members of his campaign “engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States,” in violation of federal law.

To prove such a violation, the filing said, prosecutors must establish that “the defendant entered into an agreement … to obstruct a lawful function of the government … by deceitful or dishonest means, and … that a member of the conspiracy engaged in at least one overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.”

Moreover, that agreement doesn’t have to be explicit, the filing said, and can “be inferred from the conspirators’ conduct in furtherance of their common objectives.”

One person who doesn’t want to meet with the Committee despite his initial agreement to do so, is Rudy Giuliani. The denial of election results was Rudy’s brainchild. He convinced Trump on election night to go out and tell his supporters that he won. The next logical question would be, “What did you advise the president after it became obvious he did not win?” or words to that effect. I can’t wait to hear what Giuliani will say, although I imagine it will be the same as Eastman and the rest, “I plead the Fifth.”

And if you’re wondering when the deposition of Trump and his two eldest spawn, Ivanka and Junior is scheduled, they’re appealing the judges order that they needed to be deposed in the following three weeks. It’s an exercise in futility, but they’re going through the motions.

And the beat goes on.

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  1. Why would Anyone give testimony to such a committee? The 5th is the Only safe way to avoid being taken out of context and having your words twisted against you. They have no legal authority nor are they really trying to get at the bottom of what happened. They want the PEADS Trump signed before leaving! LOL!

    • Con Boy – your orange god himself said many times that taking the 5th is as good as admitting you’re guilty. It’s probably the only truth he’s ever told. Now go find his new platform and spout your BS there.

    • Anyone who takes the fifth is a criminal per your traitor. By the way, what’s the weather in Moscow this time of year? Look out ur window fascist.

  2. I take heart that someone actually filed documents that say trump and co. have actually done something wrong worthy of prosecution. Up until this point with all the people in charge politely ignoring the situation from garland on down. I been wandering if anyone would do something like this. After all watching this has been akin to watching paint dry. It’s like these prosecutors have no heart. I say get off your asses and do your job. You now have a official, legal documents that allege trump and co.are in fact criminals worthy of prosecution, allegedly.


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