This simply isn’t Donald Trump’s week. No, Sir, it is not. It all started going south on Sunday night when he got another one of those pesky target letters (he really should consider papering the walls with them, as numerous as they’re becoming) and it’s only Wednesday and we find out that now it’s perfectly legit — accurate, in fact — to refer to the man as a rapist. Nobody was quicker to jump right in and validate this legal milestone than George Conway, soon to be ex of Kellyanne.


No, it’s not an episode of Batman, those are the ketchup projectiles hurtling through the vast distances of Mar-a-Lago space and meeting their fate on the gilded walls.

I shall be proud to cite to that source fully and often.

No, I don’t know if Trump has to register as a sex offender, but I’m certainly going to try and find out. If you find out first, come and share it with the rest of us.

MAGA land is going to go screaming bonkers once this gets out. And you know whose laptop this is all a distraction from, right? Go ask Elise Stefanik, she’ll explain it to you. All roads lead to (the laptop from) Hell.

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  1. I think the sound of ketchup splats will come from either Bedminster or Trump Tower, NY.
    I think he spends the summers up north and goes south for the winter, but I could be wrong.

    • You’re absolutely right. I conceive of Trump perpetually at Mar-a-Lago because it’s been the scene of so much of his chicanery, but yes, he most likely is at his Bedminster facility.

  2. The mango malapropism probably thinks of, as sees himself as a ‘dateist’ not the ‘rapist’ in line with what’s been revealed in the above article of yours. This will surely produce quality fodder, gift-wrapped by the mango malapropism himself, for the various social media pundits, lampooning comics, meme authors and sharp witted pickers of this ketchup marinated low-hanging fruit.

  3. Remember the song from way, way back – The Rapper? I guess we can update the lyrics:
    Raper, raper rape, they call him the Raper;
    Raping, rape, you know it’s not “dating!”

  4. won’t people stop making trump’s life a living hell? won’t they?
    the finding out is the hardest part. the hell part is baked in to
    the finding out part when justice is real.


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