It’s not US for once! How cool is that?


I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord   Phil Collins

As much as I try to listen to almost every Trump shill that befouls the oxygen at CNN and MSNBC, usually because they say such magnificent things to ridicule, I do have my standards. I refuse to let KellyAnne Con-Way emanate from my television, mainly because it’s so hard to get the smell of bullshit out of the speakers. And GOP strategist Amy Tarkanian is another one I cannot tolerate. After all, when your corrupt slob of a husband is a lifetime 0-7 in running for public office as a Republican, how great of a strategist can you be fer Crissakes?!?

But alas, this particular time, I was stuck in the kitchen doing the dishes, and I couldn’t get to the remote to change the channel without having to dry my hands, so I gritted my teeth. But I’m actually glad that fate intervened. The guest before her was a Democratic congresswoman, I can’t recall which one, and she was dumping shit all over Trump’s head for his virulent racism, and it being a root cause for the buckethead protest in Portland. Kendis asked Tark the Snark for her response. She said something very akin to; “I heard that, and I’m extremely disappointed that the congresswoman wasted her precious time on the air with this scurrilous attack on the good name and reputation of our president.” And I thought to myself, Holy shit! Disappointment? From Amy Tarkanian?!? If you’ve never seen her in action, Blamey Amy is one of the most aggressive, arrogant, vindictive shills on the Trump roster. Outrage is in her vocabulary, not disappointment. And then it hit me.

The Seven Stages Of Grief. As a Democrat, how many times in the past have you heard that goddamned phrase, applied to Democrats? Jesus, after 2016, I got so sick of it that I was ready to visit some of on the loved ones of the talking heads that wouldn’t shut up about it! Every time that the Democrats suffer a loss, either electoral or legislative, the Republicans absolutely love to describe whatever emotion the Democrats use in their speeches or public utterances as one of the seven stages of grief. Mainly that the Democrats are a bunch of whiner bags, working their way through the sorrow of yet another loss to a superior foe.

But it’s not us this time, it’s the freakin’ Republicans! They dallied with it a little bit after last November, but tried to keep it under the bushel basket. But now, between the polling that shows His Lowness within the margin of error against Scooby Doo, and especially since both the Democrats, as well as the media started using the words racist, and white supremacist to describe President Bone Spurs on a regular basis, they have gone in for a full body immersion on the seven stages.

First it was outrage. The Republicans, especially Yertl McTurtle, were blue with outrage every time that anybody dared to even suggest that Der Gropinfuror threw his right arm in the air every time he looked into a mirror. And now they’re all the way down the list to regret and disappointment. Moscow Mitch, now widely seen as Putin’s personal butt plug when Trump has the day off, took to the well of the Senate to hollowly whine about how he regretted the insult to his personal and professional dignity when the Democrats called him “Deripaska’s Dummy.” And now you’ve got the incoherent Amy Tarkanian expressing her deep disappointment that the Democrats and the media won’t give Hair Twitler a free pass for being a jack booted thug.

This is serious shit. You don’t go through the seven stages when your pet parakeet goes into a shoe box, it’s reserved for a close family member. And you go through it when you feel that some irreplacable part of you has just been ripped out of you, never to return. Don’t just listen to what they say, look at their body motion., and their facial expressions. The GOP is in mourning right now. Is it because they’re feeling that last, dying gasp of their desperate hold to the thread of power? I don’t know, but all I do know is that I’m sure glad that I woke up this morning. Isn’t it a lovely day?

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  1. “Moscow Mitch, now widely seen as Putin’s personal butt plug when Trump has the day off,” – I thought I was reading ShowerCap over on Kos when I read those words. Awesome turn of the phrase! I don’t know about Cappie but I’m green with envy I didn’t come up with that one. I don’t twitter but I hope someone jumps on your description and puts it on both Yertle’s and tRump’s feeds.


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