I found it heartwarming yesterday when the New York judge wrote in his summary judgement for Attorney General Letitia James and the state of New York that Trump repeatedly appeared to live in a dream world, and not the real world.

Nice catch Your Honor, and thanks for bringing the Doritos and salsa. The rest of us at the party twigged to that a long time ago, but it’s always nice to have a fellow traveler among us. But here’s a little nugget for you, to show that your courtroom, and his business life isn’t the only place where Traitor Tot exists on another plane.

In 2016 a gauche loser named Trump ran for President. He went into key rust belt states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania spouting a line of populist pro labor bullsh*t that’s been around since unions were formed. He rode the bullsh*t, and the business mogul to narrow victories in WI, MI and PA.

In 2020, along came a true pro labor, pro union candidate in Joe Biden. And unlike the inherently anti union Trump, Biden had the street creds and bona fides to prove it. He went into the rust belt states and touted his almost 50 year history of support for unions and workers rights. Biden flipped all of the rust belt states back, and in fact union heavy Michigan gave him his most comfortable margin of victory of any swing state.

Fast forward to 2024. Despite an economy that is not only better than the one Trump inherited, but better than the one Biden inherited, inflation is crushing the love, and people aren’t feeling it. Biden’s popularity is marginally above wood ticks, he can’t afford to take any chances. Therefore Biden has hit the road, to major union locations, touting his pro labor record, the fact that he has created more manufacturing jobs in two years than Trump did in four, and investments in manufacturing that will lead to a boon of good paying union jobs that don’t require a college education.

In case you haven’t noticed, the United Auto Workers are on strike against the Big 3 automakers. Trump, still smarting from the union spanking that he took in the rust belt states in 2020, announced that he was going to go to Detroit today to rally with striking auto workers. His plan was to spout the same old populist claptrap, and scarify the workers by threatening the loss of US jobs to China where electric cars could be produced cheaper.

Biden, never a man to look a political gift horse in the mouth, pulled a few levers, created some open space, and appeared at a UAW strike line in Michigan yesterday, some 30 hours before Trump. And the only way it could have gone better is if Biden had thought to bring the lifeline for a union strike line, donuts! He proclaimed his support for their righteous cause, and walked the length of the line, shaking hands and offering words of support.

And where is El Pendejo Presidente tonight? At a non union parts supply facility, with a heavy salting of Trombies that don’t even work there! He’s spouting the same old sh*t, and trying to scarify workers over Biden’s initiative to move to electric vehicles, despite the fact that as the factories change over, the workers will be trained on the new lines.

But here’s the problem. In 2016 Trump was a brash, swaggering, trash talking cartoon action figure of a business mogul who could turn the US around. And he found just enough gullible suckers fed up with the political process, and the Clinton candidacy to put him over the top.

And you know what that means? FrankenTrump became the 45th President of the United States. And as such he had to make appointments, and confirm legislative and departmental steps involving labor. To wit;

  • Trump appointed an anti labor Secretary of Labor
  • Trump also packed the National Labor Relations Board with anti labor members, seeking to squash the unions with negative rulings on issues that came before them
  • Trump packed the federal district and US appellate courts with anti labor judges, then saluted their rulings
  • Trump himself touted his pro business policies in speech after speech, rally after rally

See, here’s the problem Dipshit Donnie. Any ignoramus can collect a bunch of signatures, pay a filing fee, and get on the primary ballot. And while you’re on the trail, you can make any wild, unsubstantiated claims to impress various voting blocs without ever having to actually prove up.

But if you’re elected, the bullsh*t stops, and the rubber meets the road. As an elected official, you literally have to take a position. You have to make statements from the floor. You have to take a position on issues. And worst yet, you have to actually cast votes and put your position on the public record.

In 2016 Trump rode the Trump persona rocket and conned enough union employees with his corporate mogul bullshit that they thought he knew how to deal with them. But then Trump got elected, and for the next four years, his record speaks for itself. And more importantly, that record is right out there for anybody to see.

Trump’s appearance in Michigan was a gold plated gift for Biden. For starters, Trump pissed off the UAW, the most powerful union in Michigan by appearing before a non union shop to make his pro union pitch. When Biden goes on the road, he can gleefully quote Trump’s anti union record while he highlights all of his own pro labor positions and decisions.

Worse yet is Trump’s own greed. His Lowness is squeezing every nickel he can from the faithful for his legal defense, and the RNC is starving for donations. Add to that the fact that most major GOP donors and Super PAC’s are sitting on their wallets with Trump in control, and you have a welfare party.

Meanwhile, the Biden and Democratic aligned Super PAC’s have carte blanche to put out ads in blue collar states using Trump’s own words and actions to show him as anti union. This can be especially lethal in a swing state like Ohio, which lost manufacturing jobs under Trump, only to have a revival under Biden.

Donald Trump has spent more than 50 years without ever having to worry about anything he said being brought back against him. But now he’s finally starting to learn that words have consequences. Enjoy the ride, and please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

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  1. Donald Duck the debates never got the memo that audio and videotape are actually real inventions. Seems like a man astute enough to know we locked down the airfields during the revolutionary War would know that. Maybe that part of his awareness got fried when he looked into the sun during the eclipse. I’m open to suggestions, but I remember a phrase we used to describe someone like him. He’s dumber than hammered phuck. Don’t ask me what it means…I guess some levels of stupidity are a mystery.



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