Poor Don Don the clown. Clowns are frequently tragic figures, more so than comical. This clown has been amusing New Yorkers and New Jerseyans for decades now and it’s time that the rest of the country catches up and knows what those folks know. Trump’s current cause celebre is to indefinitely postpone the hush money trial. He claims that he can’t get a fair trial in New York City because of all the publicity attending this trial — and so he wants to wait for it to “abate.” Um….Donald? This is never going to abate. Historians and political scientists are going to be talking about all this, the presidential candidate with indictments in four different jurisdictions, for centuries to come. The Trump name will be tainted like the names Hitler and Cromwell are. Deal with it.

This first clip is of two experts shaking their head with laughter that Trump is trying to get an indefinite continuance of the trial which is set for April 15, two weeks from now. Also bear in mind as you watch this that Truth Social had a brutal morning and lost billions of dollars in value and also do not lose sight of the fact that on Thursday Trump needs to post his $175M bond in the Trump Organization fraud trial appeal matter. He may or may not have that money. All of these issues are snowballing and have led to the second clip you’ll see here, which is another hilarious psy ops number by the Lincoln Project.

It’s not going to happen. And coming from the publicity whore of New York City, Mr. Page Six himself, David Dennison, John Barron, all the identities he assumed in order to be his own incognito PR man and sell his image and his brand, is truly ironic.

Now another breaking news story this morning: Trump’s small dollar donations are drying up and donors are getting tired of eight emails a day, calling them a “traitor” if they don’t cough up money. That is not helping Donald’s peace of mind. Plus, he’s got to be monitoring the mess on the stock market where Truth Social is having the day from Hell.

So this is the state of play, ladies and gentlemen. Now you’ll see why this latest love sonnet from the Lincoln Project will affect Donald so strongly.

I just want to see the $175M bond. Hey, maybe he’s got it. Maybe it’s a breeze. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Because remember, no bond, no appeal. And maybe no appeal anyhow, because there’s no lawyer.

As Melania says, “stay tuned.” We’re going to watch her hubby fade to black, one pixel at a time. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving schmuck. And no the Trumps did not go to church on Easter Sunday. It’s just as well, the place might have burst into flames and Donald has enough negative publicity as it is.



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  1. Okay, this is off topic but I can’t help noticing his new hairdo sans comb-over. No comb-over but it sure looks like one of those clip on mini hair pieces on top that part. That clump is wavier than the rest of his so called hair.



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