It Would Be Different If There Were A Point


This is nothing short of ridiculous. As I type this, a high mucky muck with the Georgia elections department is holding a poli-sci class on national television, spouting off numbers like a broken Casio, trying to refute Trump’s insane allegations about voter fraud. He’s already lost. Trump’s conspiratorial allegations are much easier to understand than his quantum math theories.

From Trump’s blow up phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State this weekend, to the moronic show going on right now on the steps of the Georgia capitol, to the expected debacle of the normally sedate and speedy confirmation of the electoral college votes on Wednesday, there is just one simple problem.

There. Is. No. Point! None of it, absolutely none of it matters in the least. The election is over. The states have all certified their votes, and named their electors. The electors have voted. And while the GOP can have their dog-and-pony show on Wednesday on the House floor, Biden will be confirmed, and inaugurated on January 20th. Because, while the GOP can hold their frat party on the floor, at some point Vice President Mike Pence will open the envelopes, announce the electoral vote tallies, and the results will be certified. Simply because that all this is, a simple accounting exercise, the rules don’t allow for any changes.

This is nothing more than one more endless circle jerk by the GOP to soothe Trump’s savaged feelings. When it comes to the Wednesday floor fight over the electoral results, that is nothing but open internecine warfare for the soul of the GOP. Trump is laying a loyalty marker to try to ensure his control over the party once he’s out of the White House. But I’ll deal withy that in an upcoming article.

But when it comes to Georgia, that’s different for Trump, for some reason it’s personal. After the election, Trump tried the standard kiddie games in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona. But there were inherent problems there. The first three all have Democratic Governors, and Arizona has a Democratic Secretary of State. Those were buffers that kept the state GOP in control. And Arizona had already gone purple on Trump, he only won by 1.4 points in 2016, and lost Jeff Flakes Senate seat in 2018.

But Georgia? That’s different, it’s Trump country. Trump won Georgia in a cake walk in 2016, and it was an integral part of his vaunted southern wall. It also has monolithic GOP state control. If all of the blows that Trump took on election day, losing the 3 Democratic states he flipped to win in 2016, losing Arizona, losing Georgia was a total sucker punch to the gut. That loss was Trump’s Et tu, Brute? Et tu? moment.

Which explains Trump’s total obsession with the state. If Trump’s loss had come down to nothing more than Biden winning back the three states Trump flipped in 2016, that would be one thing. Even Arizona could be pardoned, that was already on a razors edge. But Georgia? Hell, Georgia hadn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since Noah took up sailing. That’s what Trump can’t wrap his tiny mind around, how he could actually lose such a solidly red state. It had to be stolen. And I am loving every second of his tortured, adolescent teen angst.

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  1. You are the best.. Well said as (trumps tiny little mind) That,s about all he has left and i do not fore see it getting any better for him in the foreseeable future. Well i have been told by insiders that he looks quite handsome in orange stripes… Tell me it is not so.. God this has made my day!!!!Thanks Sgt M.G.Flynn USMC

    • Jor do I…Which is why I am so looking forward to NOT javing the media cover his every tweet as his legal problems intensify…

  2. Obsession is part of malignant narcissism. Normal for him – completely abnormal for all of us. The next two days are going to be interesting at the least, and scary as hell too.

    • I hope they change out that nuclear football. Maybe try the train scene in Trading Places. Wave some boobs in his face, & switch the suitcase. We dont need another Dr. Strangelove situation.

  3. Numbers or not, the passion of Gabriel Stirling and his anger and frustration translated perfectly, in my opinion. (the #’s didn’t bug me as much as they bugged you). Also, his direct callouts of the lying were terrific.

    That said, the state election apparatus of Georgia has a number of issues with voter suppression, and they did help create the current circumstances, so that doesn’t get any of them a pass, but at this moment, it is nice to see and hear folks standing up against the bullying and threats they were subjected to.

  4. Drumpf will never let go of this. This will be his cause/complaint for the rest of his life. As for the Republican senators and house members pulling this stupid “protest” in counting the votes, that will backfire on them. Most of Drumpf’s rabid base will not transfer their allegiance to anyone else – in fact, many of them have already said they want Drumpf to run in 2024.

    I can’t WAIT to see the back of the Orange Menace, and truly hope the media will move on to something more relevant!


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