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Not only late to the party, but didn’t even bring a 12 pack and some Doritos. But at least Trump finally seems to have showed up. Reporting today shows that as his almost inevitable trial date of March 4th, 2024 draws closer, Traitor Tot finally seems to realize just how deep the sh*t he’s in is. It was reported that in the last few months Trump has started pestering his lawyers, and close confidants with the existential question, If the convict me and send me to prison, will I have to wear an orange jumpsuit?

This reporting is an interesting look into Traitor Tot’s mind for three reasons. First, his lawyer have finally gotten it through his fat skull that conviction is not only a real, but even a likely possibility. Second, only Trump’s over weaning ego would make his most pressing dilemma the style of his incarceration togs. And third, his lawyers have managed to convince him that if he’s convicted, house arrest may not be an option. They may just throw him in the slammer. And as we all know, a cornered Trump is a stupid Trump.

But it’s not going any better for the rest of the motley crew Trump is saddled with, especially Kenneth Chesebro. Chesebro, along with Space Cadet Sidney Powell played Rapid Trial Roulette, and now they’re headed to trial on October 23rd. To prove that he’s as serious as a heart attack, Judge Scott McAfee has already sent out a casting call for some 900 potential jurors, and asked counsel from both sides for questions for a preliminary questionnaire for potential jurors.

For some reason Sidney Powell has been as silent as a tomb since her initial motion to sever her case, But Chesebro is a nonstop motion machine. Chesebro’s attorney, already knowing he’s as guilty as original sin, has hung his defense hat on the hook of prosecutorial misconduct, especially in the avenue of the grand jury. And he’s hitting it hard.

Look, I’m no lawyer, never even played one on TV, but I’ve sat in front of a few video poker machines in my time, and I know a losing hand when I see one. But if that’s the hill his attorney wants to die on, Judge McAfee is damn well going to give him enough rope to hang himself with.

Chesebro’s attorney has repeatedly demanded to interview the grand jurors that returned the indictments. claiming without evidence prosecutorial misconduct. Judge McAfee, wanting to cut off a possible excuse for an appeal has taken the almost unprecedented step of allowing him to do so. But he has wrapped it with so many guardrails, like the questions being submitted to the court in advance, the judge being present at the time of questioning, and most importantly, sending letters to the grand jurors making their compliance totally voluntary, that Chesebro’s attorney isn’t likely to get much of a response.

And it doesn’t get any better for Chesebro’s pet mouthpiece. He recently submitted a list of potential witnesses that he plans to call to the stand in Chesebro’s behalf. The only problem with that disclosure is that at least three of the witnesses have already backed out, claiming that they’ll avail themselves of their 5th Amendment rights if called to testify.

This is going to become a recurring problem for these defendants, especially Trump. Anybody that wasn’t indicted by Willis already is going to treat this bunch or morons like a leper colony. They want nothing to do with this sh*t show, and will take no chances in saying anything at trial that could risk them a later indictment. These defendants are on an island. In shark infested waters.

Perfect example. In a court filing earlier this week, Fulton County DA Willis announced that disgraced ambulance chaser and uber Trump supporter Lin Wood will be testifying at trial. A panic stricken Wood immediately went to the airwaves to proudly proclaim that he had not rolled over on Trump. Who cares? Trump isn’t on trial here. Wood has information Willis wants from the stand, and since he’s already testified before the special grand jury, Wood dare not lie, or risk being impeached with his grand jury testimony, and charged with perjury. She’ll deal with him as far as Trump is concerned once Trump finally goes on trial.

These people are so. f*cking. stupid! Chesebro is toast. Willis is a seasoned professional, much to smart to make a procedural mistake in front of a grand jury. And after Lin Wood, there are still 18 more unindicted co-conspirators floating around out there. Watch for Willis to unveil more surprise witnesses as other trials move through the system. And just a little something to settle Il Douches’ frayed nerves. It’s my understanding that the attire in federal prison is denim blue pants and a light blue denim shirt. Wear it in good health. *sshole.



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  1. You know, it’s pathetic, if predictable, that former guy’s biggest concern is his prison uniform. He’s not just a loser, he’s a particularly dumb loser. Would that all his magat followers, trunts and the rest, could accompany him. Guess we just don’t have enough space for that although George Carlin did suggest making some of the square states into very large prisons. lol

  2. Right about now would be a great time for the federal prison system to change the prison uniform to orange jumpsuits and blame budget shenanigans caused by the GQP.

  3. Although it’s totally unspeakable that Trunt won’t land in club Fed, part of me still really believes he won’t. It’s mainly that one question – how do you get Secret Service protection in a correctional facility? To the best of my knowledge there’s no way around his having it, unless there’s some legal eagle way around it. Discuss?

    • The only reasonable way to do it would be for him to be placed in solitary. He damned sure couldn’t be put in the general population-he’d get shivved for sure.

      Has he been relieved of his passports yet? If not, the question of what type of uniform he wears might be moot since I figure he’d skedaddle as soon as the guilty verdict came in. Possibly even sooner.

  4. replying to getting too old, I would think that if Trump were convicted of something that could be construed as a treasonous act that he would be stripped of his federal benefits including secret service and pension. don’t know if that would apply in the Georgia case but it would in the two federal cases.

  5. I guess you are right. The orange turd has finally realized he might go to jail. Now would not be a good time to be a person involved in this crap. Trump is going to try to work deals that sells everyone downstream like used underwear. I wouldn’t go around Trump right now for any amount of money. He’s looking for suckers. There ain’t no way in hell they are going to let him do home confinement. Him and his mouth done blew that out of the park.

  6. GOOD ONE MURPHY….. but fix typo…. IF THEY CONVICT ME.
    If the convict me and send me to prison,

    THANKS MURPHY …. its gets better and better going down this deep deep dark RABBIT HOLE….


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