By his actions and by his failures to act, this very limited person, our President, has single handedly, wreaked a swath of destruction upon  our democratic procedures and processes and upon our physical and social environment which will take years to correct. It is all well and good that many of our leading media institutions, our universities, our military and intelligence communities…and our Democratic leaders have finally begun to speak out loudly and clearly against this administration’s daily  barrage of outrages and betrayals of all the values that we hold near and dear.

But until such time as a failure to comply with a simple, every day, run of the mill subpoena, results in the expected and immediate, “contempt of court” incarceration of those who defy said orders, we will have a government that is ineffectual; a government that cannot protect or serve; a government that is nothing more than a bystander to its own demise …subverted by a president who is guilty of enough crimes against the state (not to mention humanity) to have been impeached 100 times over.

It is barely worth mentioning that any one of these uncountable violations would have merited swift and meaningful punishment as recently as approximately 3 years ago (pre Trumpism). The fact that people like Trump and McConnell, and Barr and Miller are not already behind bars is a testament to how far we have fallen. And it is no consolation that the comic parody of Parliamentary procedure now on display in Britain is faring no better than our own national embarrassment.

People of common sense and good will know that automatic assault weapons like our AR 15’s must be banned and collected; that environmental safety standards are so overdue that our planet is on the brink of extinction; that climate changes are requiring wholesale immigration policy changes to accommodate increasing migrations of starving populations;  that social media and the internet are in need of massive regulation to protect us from enemies from within and without; that the unholy attacks on women’s health issues are obscene beyond description; that wealth distribution is further askew than ever; that white supremacy and racist hate groups are more destructive than ever, etc. etc.…and here is the important point: Our duly elected President is content to direct all his administration’s energy into creating obstacles to reforms and he is happy to continue exacerbating the carnage he has mostly created… because the more time consuming distractions he can create, the more likely he will be able to escape accountability for all of the transgressions of law, ethics and morality that he has pursued and accomplished all these years…including his years in the White House which he has used to unjustly enrich himself at the expense of the world. When the reckoning begins, we can also designate McConnell, Barr, Miller and the rest of the vile GOP senatorial roster as complicit in what can best be described as a series of continuing criminal enterprises.

This is not complicated to understand.  Slogans like “It’s the Guns, Stupid”  or  “Greenland is Melting” get right to the point. Let’s be very clear about what is going on. Today’s version of the Grand Old Party favors ruining the world for the long term, just so their group of “Sellout Republican Lawfakers” can line their greedy  pockets  for the short-term.

And if the Democrats do not act quickly and decisively, they are going to miss the boat. Trump was right about one thing. He said he was going to shake things up. Mission accomplished…and he was not shy about getting directly to it…albeit in the complete wrong direction.

I like and respect Nancy…but TIMES UP! Moderation is no longer an option. As Barry Goldwater (of all people) once said, “ I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” White Supremacists don’t have a monopoly on justifiable anger. There is plenty of legitimate anger on the liberal left also.  But among Democrats today, there is too much Christian Charity in the form of moderation and  forgiveness in the handling of the GOP’s long history of hate, meanness and divisive policy making.  It is time to go strictly old Testament on each and every one of their very complicit asses. “An eye for an eye” starts with the re-naming of the newly proposed Democratic policies for equitable wealth re-distribution… by appending to the title  …”equitable re-distribution of the pain and suffering” imposed on the hard working, loyal, working class citizens and residents of this country for the last umpteen years. A substantial taste of the lash…of the massive pain and suffering that they have inflicted on their fellow human beings should be the start of their re-education.  Begin formal impeachment proceedings immediately. Issue arrest warrants for as many “subpoena defying” witnesses as quickly as possible. If the “crisis” gets too messy, so be it. Even if none of it sticks, keep at it. They are all guilty of every single shameful act of greed and abuse and suffering that has hurt good decent working families for far too long. Payback is not only long over-due, but accountability is the first step for abusers to recognize their shame…and get them on their way to recovery.

 If the Dems don’t start showing some real fire power immediately, our national disgrace might get another four more ruinous years, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

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  1. I fully agree- Democratic leaders have to stop wasting time and really, truly go after all those that have defied subpoenas under the mistaken thought that they are covered under ” executive privilege”!. Go after trump- hit him hard!! Take away his lackeys who defy subpoenas, then take trump down too. Don’t tiptoe through this, put on your stomping boots!!! Act NOW! Or you won’t be reelected next time around!

    • I’ve said it before on another site (Kos) that it’s long past time for us to accept the fact we’ve been in a dive bar, even a biker bar fight. In my younger days (grew up in southern Illinois, went off to the Marines at age 26) I had some unfortunate instances of being in such a place when things went bad. When that happens you do what you have to do to get out with minimal injury. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t start it, or that you weren’t even in the vicinity of where it started and had never seen any of those in the initial fracas before or even interacted with them while you were there. When the shit goes down everyone becomes fair game. No rules, except save your own ass & your friends. Those who try to fight fair wind up hurt, sometimes seriously. Your only real hope to get out and away in one piece is to fight harder and dirtier than those trying to hurt you. That’s how we need to be in the months and years ahead so that conservatives will remember we are both capable and willing to give back everything they dish out – and even hit back harder. Then and only then will we be able to sit down and deal with a counterpart willing to engage in honest debate and negotiation.


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