In September, 2021, the Golden Boy of the NRA, Greg Abbott, signed into law what he called the “biggest and best” gun law of the 2021 legislative session.  Since then, Texans can be macho cowboys of yesteryear carrying handguns in public without a license or training. Every drunken yahoo can play John Wayne.
During the same legislative session, Abbott signed a reprehensible law that thwarts any federal gun rules and insulates the arms industry from “discrimination” as if these merchants of death were entitled to civil liberties. The so-called Second Amendment Sanctuary Act forbids local agencies from enforcing new federal gun laws and more than that. Government agencies in the state, including cities, counties and school districts are banned from signing contracts with businesses that discriminate against the firearm industry.
This pretentious and outrageous law intends to give sanctuary to the arms industry and Texas gun owners from federally imposed gun restrictions  This law will be a defense raised when arms industry assault weapons sales lead to yet another mass murder.   Do Abbott and the GOP posse intend to exonerate gun manufacturers and retailers from liability for consequential murders or  defamation? So it appears.
The Uvalde killer, 18 years old, was able to buy two AR 15 assault rifles and enough ammunition to kill everyone in an elementary school.
Democracy does not apply to guns and other issues important to the right-wing minority that dominates Texas politics and other red states, even on issues with bi-lateral support.
Nearly 60% of Texans were against allowing guns to be carried in public without a license. Registered voters across the country agree with Texans in polls from 54% to 60%, seeking stricter gun laws.
Texas is hardly the only state which has experienced mass murders (defined as 4 or more deaths). So far this year, America has already experienced 213 mass shootings and we appear to be on our way to a new annual record. How ashamed we must be.  But Texas is a good place to start.
Abbott prides himself on his leadership in his perverse version of Second Amendment freedoms. Let everyone 18 and older buy assault weapons of war which have to place in a civilized culture. This reprehensible champion of the arms industry must be defeated, never to hold elected office again. He needs to be defending himself in a criminal trial.
A reader will rightly say, what difference will it make? Abbott will only be replaced by a like-minded right-winger, perhaps a neo-nazi worse than him.
Not so, if we FINALLY band together with determination and resolve that we will change the shameful country we have become, allowing the ultra-right minority to dominate the majority of Americans. Take our empathetic tears and righteous anger and channel it to a positive civil, non-violent assault on the right  Get others whose voices are heard in our country;to speak up with outrage and demands for reform. NBA former star and championship coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr,  has done so with sincere passion we all must have for this fight.  He and others are an inspiration to all of us.
Start with Indictments, where possible, of elected officials who have acquiesced  to the freedom of mass murderers to have weapons to slaughter innocent American adults and children. One may criticize the effort as being a show trial that may not convict Abbott or another elected official. A jury of our peers may convict. Indictments are worth it.
Abbott and others like him are accessories before and after the fact of mass murder.
Before the Fact:
Abbott and his sleazy posse knew or should have known that allowing complete and total ease of access to weapons, including assault rifles, would be in the hands of mass murderers the likes of which we in America have seen unlike any other country in the world.  In recent years, we are setting predictable records of increases in mass murders.
These mass murderers overwhelmingly use assault weapons making the facilitation of access to assault weapons the act of an accessory. The outcome of Abbott’s “biggest and best” gun law was very reasonably predictable-the slaughter of innocent children in large numbers. This Governor is reckless, has endangered his constituents and both he and his gun laws have to go.
After the Fact
Abbott signed the Second Amendment Sanctuary Act which purports to shield gun owners from any new federal restriction on gun ownership and use. The act is also designed to protect the arms industry from “discrimination”, whatever that means. If a Texas gun owner puts weapons in the hands of a murderer or a manufacturer or retailer is charged as an accessory before the fact, Abbott’s 2021 gun laws make him an accessory after the fact by allowing the defendant gun owner, manufacturer or retailer to evade prosecution.
 I would try him for murder but reckless endangerment would be a lesser included offense.
Vote All Extreme Gun Law Advocates Out Of Office.
Are we finally ready to throw the likes of Abbott, Ted Cruz and many others out of office? Will Independents join Democrats and cross-over Republicans to meaningfully address the overblown perception of Second Amendment rights that  inevitably cause one bloodbath after another?
Aren’t we all ashamed?
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  1. Exactly. So are the Texas us senators, especially Cancun Cruz. We need the passion and anger this played by Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors


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