Mo Brooks belongs in jail, not the senate, after fomenting violence on January 6. Nonetheless, he’s announcing his candidacy for retiring Alabama senator Richard Shelby’s seat on Monday, after having taken a recent pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago and receiving the blessing of Trump himself. You recall that Brooks was the first congressman to announce he would challenge election results. I don’t think you need to be Clarence Darrow to argue that Brooks is an insurrectionist, and that the horrific rally was the proximate cause of the death and destruction at the Capitol that day.

Now here is where it gets beyond parody. The Bullet and Barrel is a shooting range in Huntsville, Alabama, a town which earned the nickname “Little Bavaria” because Werner von Braun and other Nazi rocket scientists moved there in 1950, as part of Operation Paperclip. Now, Huntsville, once known for its moonshine and the propensity of its inhabitants to forego footwear, then known for its famous Nazis, is hosting Brooks and Miller.

Do you love the Valentine’s Day style of the invitation, the colors and the cursive writing?

And make no mistake about what a real sweetheart Brooks is. He doesn’t believe political leaders should speak out against domestic violence.

We’ve got to get Doug Jones elected to this seat. This is Roy Moore sicko time, redux, with Stephen Miller reprising the Steve Bannon role.



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    • I was stationed at Ft.Rucker Alabama from 1982-84……nothing but red dirt, red ants and red-necks.

      To this day I wonder who exactly, up the chain of command, I pissed off to deserve that.

  1. Regarding your final thoughts on the subject, Ursula, unless Brooks gets slapped with a few dozen women coming out and accusing him of sexual improprieties (or some even more whack-a-doodle GOPer announces), he’s as much a shoo-in as Tuberville was.

    Let’s also not forget that Brooks ran in the GOP primary in the special election in 2017 and came in 3rd behind Roy Moore and Luther Strange (Brooks got 19.7% of the primary vote to Moore’s 38.9% and Strange’s 32.8%). What’s funniest is that, in the primary, Brooks could only manage to win his home county and lead in one other county in his district while Moore managed to lead the other four counties in the Brooks’ own district.

    It’s worth noting that Brooks also was first elected to the House as the result of Alabama’s GOP’s shenanigans. The party had managed to convince then-Democrat Parker Griffith to switch parties in 2009 and “promised” to back him in his re-election bid as a GOPer in 2010. But, when the primary came up, the party pulled back on that promise because a “real” GOPer decided to run and “party rules” demanded that the party back someone who’d run as a GOPer in previous elections. Democratic leaders in the state warned Griffith about the all-too-likely bait-and-switch but Griffith chose to believe the state GOP’s promises. As a GOPer, he’d challenge Brooks again in 2012 but lost the primary by an even larger margin and then, in 2014, he went running back to the Democrats to run for Governor. The Party reinstated him and backed his candidacy in the primary which he won (his opponent wasn’t really all that big a name and didn’t really stand any chance in the general election) but he ended up losing to the incumbent, Robert Bentley (of course, if more folks had been aware of Bentley’s little shenanigans* at the time, Griffith might’ve stood a better chance of winning–then returning to the GOP).

    *I should note that it’s not really clear if those shenanigans had been going on during Bentley’s first term or if they began after re-election but the primary chain of events that led to Bentley’s resignation and forfeiture of any future political career began in March of 2016, more than a year after being sworn in again. The main issue was Bentley’s firing of his state’s “Homeland Security” Secretary (part of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency) due to a misuse of state funds but the man then claimed he’d been fired for refusing to cover up an extramarital affair between Bentley and one of his political advisers (a woman). As the HS Secretary had been appointed in 2013 and he claimed that the affair had been a lengthy one, it stands to reason that Bentley was involved in it before his re-election.


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