The title image from is something I’d found after contemplating the news Hucky Boo-Boo Sanders would be delivering the official GOP response to this years State of the Union.  Because it was soooooo easy to immediately jump into “what if her speech was a drinking game? thoughts.  You know, drink a shot every time she tells a lie.

Now, from her time as Trump’s WH Press Secretary we knew she was legendary in her willingness and ability to stand there at the podium and tell one outrageous lie after another.  Like Trump she lied prolifically, and as we saw tonight still does as easily as she breathes.  So the notion of a shot of Jack, or Scotch or even beer every time she told a lie seemed like something when I was much (much!) younger would have been fun to do.  I’d have used Jack Daniels, the old-school 90 proof version by the way.

Man am I ever glad I’m an old fart and while no one would accuse me of possessing great wisdom I sometimes have a bit, or maybe just common sense.  And right now I’m really glad I realized before we got to the speeches this evening I’m way too old for drinking games.  That and the fact that decades ago I got sick of being hung over and quit drinking more than small amounts and even that not very often.

Because even the younger, quite prolific beer and Jack Daniels guzzler back in college and a couple of years afterwards would have been done for.

For starters, there wouldn’t have been time to waste pouring shots.  I’d have had to swig directly from the bottle to keep up!  Second, before she was halfway done I’d have downed the whole fifth of Jack!  That much and that quick would have put me in a coma with alcohol poisoning and probably killed me.  So, instead of writing this I’d be dead on my couch!

Lie after lie.  I just hope no one else out there thought of turning Sanders’ speech into a drinking game – and actually followed through on it.  I’m serious.  Maybe with beer someone would just wind up blind stinking drunk but with hard liquor it would have been downright dangerous.

But then dangerous is increasingly what the GOP does best.

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  1. My issue is that she didn’t hit on anything specific. Biden spoke on many topics. If she had taken any of them and said, “No, this is wrong, what we need to do is thus and such,” that would have been fine. Nada. There was no factual narrative in what she said (other than her personal memoirs) and she was just filling airtime. Maybe that’s all that was really asked of or expected from her, was just to fill airtime.

    • Still a pack of lies and plenty of them were whoppers. The GOP didn’t start the culture wars? Trump giving a shit about the troops? You’re right that she didn’t really dig into specifics, but rather stuck to vague MAGA talking points about “woke” and CRT. At that one I shouted at my TV “DEFINE it you lying asshole!” She really is a hateful person with as ugly a soul/character as one will ever see.

    • Ursula, I read that it was prerecorded. That’s a damned insult and would why none of her rebuttal was issue specific. Is there any chance to follow that up? It would a brilliant story.

  2. Fuck that lying hypocrite. For such a professed ‘christian’ she lies all the time. Guess she skipped the gospel of John 8:42-47, where Jesus denounces the Jewish leaders as hypocrites and calls them ‘children of the devil’, and that the devil is the ” father of all lies”. Someone should contact her lying hypocrite of a father and let him know, like the people in paternity court, that he isn’t her daddy. We found Rosemary’s baby. Yet, the people in the backwater of bumfuck holler put her in charge. We need a new national anthem. America Land of the Lying Christians.



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