Obviously the title of the article is totally facetious, the whole object of Gym Bag Jordan’s Subcommittee On the Weaponization of the US Government exists for the sole purpose of exonerating Trump from any involvement, and painting the FBI and the DOJ s having tried to railroad the Trump campaign. But with this news, the Democratic sharks on the committee now have a handy cudgel to hammer Jordan over the head with.

On Friday a Washington DC federal district court judge sentenced long time GOP operative Jesse Benton to 19 months in federal prison. He was convicted on 6 counts of foreign interference. But here’s the cool part, this whole thing strikes a whole lot closer to Traitor Tot than Jordan wants to know. But he will.

According to new reporting in Mother Jones, it was all part of an elaborate scheme.. I’ll let mother Jones take it from here;

The court found that he and another GOP operative accepted $100,000 from Roman Vasilenko, a St. Petersburg-based influencer who wanted photos with Trump to display on his social media accounts.

Y’all following this? A veteran GOP operative accepted $100K from a sanctioned Russian oligarch in order to set up a photo-op with the then President of the United States so that the Russian oligarch could display the images 9n his social media accounts in Russia. If there is a better example of just how heap, craven, and venal the Trump administration and the GOP are, you find it. I can’t.

But actually I tricked you. I cut the paragraph from the Mother Jones reporting in half. Simply because the second half was sufficiently offensive to deserve its own independent review. If you ever wondered just how cheap and venal the GOP itself is, then wonder no more;

Benton kept most of the money for himself but donated $25,000 to the Republican National Committee as part of a plan to secure two tickets to a fundraising event for Trump in Philadelphia. At the event, Vasilenko was allowed to sit close to Trump at a roundtable discussion and later took a photo with him.

Welcome to the true morals of the Republican party. A Russian oligarch forks over $100,000 to a veteran GOP operative to get a picture taken with Trump. The GOP operative knows that Trump can be bought so cheaply that he keeps $75,000 for himself and his partner, donates $25,000 to the RNC, gloms two tickets to a Trump fundraiser, and gets the oligarch exclusive access at a tabler, along with the much desired photo-op.

Now the last thing that Jordan wants to hear is this kind if shit. But you can bet your ass that the Democrats on the panel will rub his nose in it in their own statements, where he can’t stop them. Here is an American President that is so shallow and greedy that not only can he be bought, he can be plucked out of the discount bin. Jordan is going to have a helluva time trying to keep the lid on this one. Not for the FUX News Walking Dead, they’ll ignore it themselves. But the mainstream media is going to land on this with both feet, and give it plenty of airtime. Good times ahead.

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  1. ‘not only can he be bought, he can be plucked out of the discount bin.’

    Trump, in a nutshell.

    I wonder how much cash he sold those official secrets for?

    Probably not much.


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