Measure once, cut twice   Dilbert

The Big Lie is finally dead. Although Traitor Tot originally used it in early 2016 in the GOP primaries, when he warned his followers that the only he could lose the nomination was if the primaries were rigged against him, and it was stolen, it was late summer of 2020 before it really picked up steam rolling down the runway, and the days after the 2020 election, when the race was called, before it took off and broke the sound barrier.

The 2020 presidential election was stolen! It was stolen from me, it was stolen from you, it was stolen from the people, and it’s a disgrace!

But finally, after all these years, remove your hats and bow your heads, because The Big Lie is now as dead as Paddy’s pig. And not just by the majority of the GOP, which has desperately been trying to dismember it Fargo style behind the barn for the last three years, but it was Trump himself who drove the final wooden stake through it’s heart. And the funny thing is, I don’t know if Trump even knows it yet.

Here’s how it went down. Wednesday night was the first GOP 2024 presidential primary debate. Chickensh*t that he is, His Lowness skipped the debate, instead choosing to appear on disgraced former FUX News resident racist Mother Tucker Carlson’s sow on the faux Twitter, which is like the streaming version of Wayne’s World from his mothers basement. I’m honestly not sure if Trump made the gaffe because he was distracted by his Thursday surrender in Fulton County, or if he was finally paying attention to his lawyers. But my understanding is that the Carlson interview was actually taped on Tuesday, so El Pendejo Presidente should have been able to keep his lame old sh*t sufficiently together to not come off as a total imbecile.

Here’s the 411. During the interview, Carlson brought up his Thursday surrender in Fulton County, and the criminal case against him, and in some exasperation Trump replied, Tucker, Tucker! You have to understand, at the time, I honestly believed that the election had been stolen!

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! Say What?! For some 2 1/2 years now, not only have you been profanely emphatic that that the election was stolen from you, you filed more than 60 cases in state and federal court to prove it! And even when all of them got bounced in preliminary hearings, and the J6 Committee presented testimony that your closest advisors testified that you were aware that you lost, you soldiered on. And now you admit that you honestly believed it?!

To me this sounds like a lawyer talking, and a criminal defendant who now finally understands that he’s in some seriously deep kimchi. His lawyers already know that if they Try to pull the defense that their client honestly believed that the election was stolen, while all evidence shows otherwise, and Trump continues to insist it was stolen, that’ll fly about as well as the Hindenburg. But if Trump starts dropping some ten gallon I honestly believed in there, it at least gives them a shot.

Here’s why it’s such a colossal tactical blunder for FrankenTrump. From what I’ve seen, Il Douche pretty much got his wish Wednesday night, Carlson got a pretty good crowd for the slobcast. And they were pretty much all card carrying, brain dead, slobbering Trombies.

Who have all spent the last 2 1/2 years getting the same monolithic message on pretty much a daily basis. The election was stolen! The election was stolen! The election was stolen! And all of a sudden, on Wednesday night they’re hit with honestly believed that the election was stolen from Glorious Bleater. What the hell does that mean?! Like, maybe the election wasn’t stolen after all?!

In order to keep your faith intact, make sure it remains unsullied by fact. Look, even morons put their shoes on in the morning. Some of them even tie them up. One of the joys of going to a concert from a beloved band is singing along with the lyrics. But if, in the middle of the concert, in one of their greatest hits, the band suddenly introduces a new lyric line, the whole damn song falls apart at the seams. What the hell is that sh*t?! 

And that’s what Traitor Tot just did on Wednesday night. For his rabid followers, those aren’t political speeches. They’re music to their ears. And His Lowness just changed the lyrics right in the middle of his greatest hit. It’s going to be interesting to see how this one plays out. Because Trump supporters love him for his unchanging, ever solid consistency. And that I honestly believed sticks out like a sour chord. Don’t touch that dial.

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    • LMFAO!!! Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! And at least THEY won’t be partying in a Georgia state prison!!! lol

  1. Why can’t Le Grand Orange now say “I honestly believed the election was stolen, AND I STILL BELIEVE IT”? Don’t put it past him!

  2. You make a good point Joe, but I’m not convinced anyone corrupt enough to support him before will care enough to turn around. Hope so.
    “there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”
    Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven

  3. His followers are COMMITTED to living untethered from reality. ‘Hearing’ the orange menace say ‘I honestly believed it was stolen’ would tre-tether them to reality. They are committed to their fantasy. I think they’ll just ignore it. And this IS assuming the heard it to begin with. These aren’t Americas smartest 5th graders. These people are 2 or 3 brain cells away from not being able to livid independently. Like, I’m not sure how ANY of them make toast without burning the house to the ground.


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