With new technology comes new solutions. Sometimes some very clever solutions. Dating apps, for instance, which can obviously be good and bad, depending on who you hook up with. It’s safe to assume rabid Donald Trump supporter Andrew Taake, who took part in the January 6, 2021 riot is upset after connecting with one woman in particular. Because she turned him in to law enforcement officials.

And she says she has no regrets, according to Raw Story. In fact, she’s even gunning for more of these fools. But things got off the ground when the woman, identified as “Witness 1” in an affidavit filed by the FBI against the 35-year-old Taake, who pleaded guilty Wednesday “to assaulting law enforcement officers with a deadly and dangerous weapon, admitting that he used both bear spray and the metal whip to attack officers, during a hearing before U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols in Washington,” NBC News reports.

This is a bummer for Taake. The two never even met for coffee. His sentencing is scheduled for March 26. And the woman who turned him in said she sought out suspected rioters on the dating app Bumble not long after the January 6 attack.

“i felt a bit of ‘civic duty’ i guess, but truthfully, i was mostly just mad and thinking, f*ck these guys,” she told NBC News.

In the aftermath of the despicable attack, Witness 1 said she contacted about a dozen men and said it took “comically minimal ego-stroking” for the men to brag about their conduct. Well, these guys were probably emulating Trump since they worshipped him after all.

“they just wanted to regurgitate a lot of these ideas to somebody, and it seemed like i was a willing participant,” she remembered. “it definitely didn’t take a lot of arm twisting to get them to start talking about it. Basically, me being like, ‘wow, so cool — then what? what else?’ was pretty much all it took.”

After Taake pleaded guilty, the woman was asked if she regretted turning him in.

“finally,” she told nbc. “it’s been wild to see him still defend that attack all this time, and makes me even more glad he was caught for it.”

“i regret exactly nothing lol,” she said.

I suppose you could say Taake got f*cked. Just not the way he hoped for. Perhaps Jan. 6 rioters had better not be in such a hurry to brag about their exploits or they may be very rudely surprised.

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