Thirty-five years ago people like Lauren Boebert went on the Jerry Springer Show. Now they populate the halls of Congress, go figure. Bobo is not going to have an easy time with getting reelected for a number of reasons, chief among them is that she blew her entire persona out of the water. She ran initially on the Good Christian Woman platform, a wife and mother upholding traditional values and going after the Godless.

That is a bit difficult to continue selling when you’ve: 1. Been thrown out of a public theater for not stopping sexual foreplay or vaping (not to mention singing and photography) when politely asked to do so and 2. You follow up that performance a few months later with beating the crap out of your ex husband — again, in a public place. I offer this clip for entertainment purposes. The speaker is reportedly either: 1. A homeless person; 2. A successful trial attorney. Maybe both. Look, we live in 2024. Anything goes.

That’s the part of this saga I don’t believe. Bobo was spending campaign funds in his bar and they had been “an item” for a couple of months. That makes a lot more sense to me. Although it begs the question, if you’ve been dating a few months, why behave like that in public? Just go home, or get a room? But then this is Bobo we’re talking about and she probably enjoyed being an exhibitionist — until she realized, uh oh, security cameras.

All moral considerations aside, Bobo is lousy at her job. She believes her “job” is to troll and insult people. Here’s a perfect example.

It’s all a performance. This is 100% form, zero substance. She’s just trolling this individual for the cameras and she’s making an ass out of herself while doing it, and that’s the sheer comedy of it. She may think that she’s intimidating people with her breathtaking grasp of subject matter and all she’s doing is revealing her abject stupidity.

I don’t see her surviving another term. I haven’t lived in Colorado since 1978, granted. But when I was growing up there, the state prided itself on its superior culture. This was the time of John Denver, Rocky Mountain High, and Colorado was supposed to be the best place in the country to live. A lot of people there felt that way.

Boebert detracts from that image. She’s a disgrace and an embarrassment. All she’s got to bring to the party is her appearance and right wing talking points. Colorado needs more and deserves more. I don’t think they’re going to reelect her from CO-04 anymore than they would have from CO-03.

This is not a normal state race. Boebert is known nationally and the publicity is not favorable. It’s also not escapable. They’re going to know everything in Weld County that the folks do in Mesa County or Pitkin County. Bob is dreaming if she thinks otherwise.



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  1. Oh BoBo, hands down, you’ve blown it, in more sullied ways than one. Next is the realisation that your karma is also a bitch. You’ll discover she has no set menu, but you’ll definitely get served what she knows you richly deserve.

  2. Oh I hope you’re right Ursula. That being said, given the support the moronic rapist nazi still has after all he’s said and done…I’ve lost the ability to gage the depravity and vacuousness of the average citizen. I wake up in the middle of the night fearing the world my new granddaughter will face. We are living on a razor’s edge. It’s a pass/fail situation for ALL of us come November. The planet will remain even after the sun dies in 5 billion years. It won’t care if the ultra rich continue to go after the trillion dollars of fossil fuel still in the ground. By the time the rich realize it’s too late to stop the climate catastrophe, we’ll be well on our way to extinction. Oh yeah, there’s also that little problem of saving our democracy. Trump and the gop are gasoline the stupid plan to throw on the fire. Pray. VOTE!

    • gauge…damn fingers! Before the teacher shows up to whack me with a lengthy correction to show all the ways I’ve wandered off the path! ha.

  3. Still amazed she won the last election.
    She had a strong challenger and voters had 2 years of her stupidity to base their vote on.
    I can only assume it’s because the morons at the DNC didn’t support Adam Frisch, or the voters of CO-03 are MAGAts who will pull the lever for anything with an (R) next to it.

  4. In your list of transgressions, you forgot to mention that this woman of “christian family values” conceived out of wedlock, then married the man who exposed himself to her and another teenage girl. Um, yeah, she’s a good Christian alright.


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