You already know that one of my favorite laws isn’t even on the books. It’s the Law of Unintended Consequences. And if Kindergarten Judge Aileen Cannon is a combination of inexperienced enough, and craven enough, that law might be about to drop on Trump like a ton of bricks.

Let us not forget that it was Judge Cannon herself that set Traitor Tot’s trial date for the stolen documents case for late May. And she actually got pretty good legal analyst reviews for that one. Seeing as she set the date in like October, she left some six months for wrangling through pre-trial motions on document production and admissibility. She almost started to look fair and impartial.

But then the Trump legal carp unleashed a blizzard of totally bullsh*t pretrial motions, and Judge Cannon started looking like a 5 yo in an aisle in Walmart looking around for her parents. I’m willing to be fair here. Aileen Cannon is pathetically unqualified for a trial of this magnitude. She has almost no judicial experience, and she is clearly in over her head. Bullsh*t motions that an experienced jurist like Judge Tanya Chutkan would rule on and disallow right from the bench, Cannon is wasting weeks, if not months of her time and her law clerk’s life researching useless legal points. And that’s even before we consider her star struck desire to be as helpful as possible for her benefactor.

There’s actually a legal term for this nonsense, Judge Cannon is slow walking the case, intentionally or not. And if she doesn’t get her head out of her ass sooner rather than later, her dilly-dallying is going to lead to a backlog of administrative decisions that will derail the scudeuled trial date.

Which will play right into the Trump legal teams hands, they being a stupid and in competent as she is. As the rulings pile up, and discovery and evidence eligibility pile up, my bet is that sometime in February or March Trump’s ambulance chasers will appear in court to complain about these delays are adversely affecting their client’s ability to get a fair trial, and demand a lengthy delay. And Cannon will grab that lifeline like Indiana Jones grabbed that snake in the quicksand pit. Look for a new trial date in August, to be delayed again to November or December as Cannon dumblefutzes her way through the process.

JACKPOT! In the backlog of Trump’s criminal legal woes, Cannon’s May trial date has been a total pain in the ass in scheduling. Look at the schedule. Letitia James already has her civil fraud suit against Trump in the end stages. Alvin Bragg is scheduled to get his crack at Trump in February. Jack Smith has on a roasting spit for the DC case starting March 4th, and Trump’s Mar-A-Lago case in late May. That’s a packed schedule, especially considering pre-trial motions and voir dire to pick a jury.

But if Cannon sits there in February or March and cuts Trump’s legal team a solid by delaying the trial until sometime in August, which basically means post election, she’s actually cutting his throat instead. Allow me to explain.

Within 48 hours of Cannon announcing a multi month delay for his Florida trial, one of two things will happen. Either Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee will call Fulton County DA Fani Willis, or Willis will call McAfee, and the result will be the same. Hey! I was just thinking about you! It looks like all of a sudden we have a multi month break in the trial schedule. Can you be ready to start jury selection on April 17th, and open arguments on May 5th? Bitchin’! I’ll set it up and make the announcement.

At which point two things will happen. McAfee will announce an updated court calendar, with a status hearing date, followed by a pre-trial motion termination date, and the start of jury selection. And Trump’s legal team will suffer cardiac arrests and require hospitalization.

Because this is the nightmare scenario for the Trump defense team. With the current trial schedule, Willis was relegated to requesting an August trial date, with a 3-4 month duration, risking almost certain court appeals for election interference. Once McAfee announces the court date, now it’s up to Cannon to adjust, which she was likely to do anyway until after the election.

Which kills the Trump legal team because he now has his Freddie Krueger moment. He’s stuck with an unfriendly state trial before election day. One in which his appeals options will be limited, since he’s in a Georgia state court, no reason for SCOTUS to interfere.

Now obviously this is all still speculation. But it’s not like Judge Cannon isn’t tipping her mitts or anything. Whether through incompetence or favoritism, Cannon is going to extend the trial date. And when she does, McAfee and Willis are going to jump on that $5 bill with both feet.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. If it’s not unethical for her to do so I’m betting Fulton County DA Fani Willis will (if she hasn’t already) informed the judge “ex parte” that she’d be ready to go in May if as we all figure will happen Cannon does what Trump wants. The only question would be whether the judge already has trials scheduled during that time frame of May through July and whether those trials could be shifted, either in the date (if criminal the defendant’s and their lawyers would probably say hell yes) or to another judge.

    • How difficult will it be to explain what is REALLY happening to Trump’s mental challenges?

      He has a snap open mouth for anyone that tries to make sense to his micro-mind and, I bet he has lost ALL trust with ANYONE that MAY HAVE been able to penetrate the thickness of his skull … There may be a melt down, furniture-throwing frustration, because he is too stupid to read anything to the point of understanding any legalize … Contained within …

      I guess, those big burly, Marshal’s office guys will just have to drag his butt to jail, where he can get used to bright orange attire …


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