Oh, this isn’t just the best new thing of the day as Rachel Maddow always liked to put it in her segment. From where I’m sitting, it might just be the best new thing of the year!

Cast your mind back to the days when Covid-19 was burning down the United States while Emperor Gluteus Maximus fiddled and diddled. And while the sane, functional non partisan portions of the government tried to make sensible rules and regulations to protect the citizens, which is their job, brainless bimbos like Laborious MTG did everything in their power to resist them, and to make it easier for similarly brainless twits to die long before their time, gasping for breath.

One of the rules that was passed was by then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and this rule applied only to US House members. It mandated that all House members follow standard mask mandates when in the well of the House. The Penalty for non-compliance was $500 for the first offense, and $2500 for every future offense. The fines were to be collected from the member’s US House paycheck.

Which of course immediately sent Machine Gun Marjie so far into space that she flew by Elon Musk’s stupid Tesla at top speed. She angrily took to the floor, sans mask to object to the authoritarian overreach, proudly proclaim that she was not vaccinated, and would continue to stand as a libertarian champion for all dipsh*t Trombies to die a gruesome death for no good reason.

And the fines started piling up. And MTG kept right on resisting. And then the first fines were subtracted from her congressional paycheck. And Machine Gun Marjie immediately sh*t a plutonium brick.

She did exactly what Traitor Tot would do. With other House MAGA miscreants, she filed a federal lawsuit trying to overturn the fines as a violation of her constitutional rights. In Marjie’s fevered conspiratorial mind, this entire Covid-19 scare was a CIA black bag operation trying to deny ordinary citizens of their constitutional freedom of choice!

Anybody want to take bets? The case went before a DC district court judge, whom I can only imagine had to exert maximum willpower to keep from laughing while she shot MTG and her brainless cohorts down in flames.

Which of course means a trip before the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Which apparently, after one quick reading of the suit, and oral arguments from lawyers who might not even be as qualified as the lame dogs that Trump uses, had lunch, and promptly told Machine Gun Marjie to shut up and pay the tab!

And since she’s obviously using campaign funds for this nonsense, that meant a trip to The Supreme Court. What a rush that must have been for MTG, realizing that her lame ass had now finally reached the same judicial Olympus as her criminal mentor!

Which, surprise, surprise, totally blew her off. In fact, even with three Trump appointed justices, they declined to even hear the case, and let the appellate court ruling stand. So much for a glorious Valkyrie in front of the Supreme Court.

But here’s the McGuffin, and the best new thing in the world this year. Apparently Machine Gun Marjie never even bothered to keep a running tab while she was busy violating the House rules. And now the dishes have been cleared from the table, and the check is on the little plastic tray.

According to Wikipedia, the annual ay for a member of the United States House of Representative is $174,000 a year. After her ex husband divorced her for being an alien from a planet without a brain stem, she piteously pissed and whined that being a member of congress was actually costing her money. And that was before she just got the bill for some $110,000 for violating the House mask mandate rules. God, I love a Shrek ending!

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. I find it especially funny that SCOTUS basically said “get that weak shit outa here. Pay your damned fine and DON’T bother us again.” Because it only take FOUR Justices to agree to grant Cert, to take up a case for consideration. Maybe Thomas and Alito were willing to waste time on it but I’m not sure even about them. There are still four other Federalist Society groomed assholes on SCOTUS and even if MTG had Thomas and Scalito she could get just TWO of the other four she was counting on?

    She doesn’t really need the money. Her dad owned a reasonably successful business (construction I think) and if not rich she grew up quite well off and had plenty of money/assets before becoming a MAGA asshat. I’m sure she’s collected some hefty appearance fees around the country too so unlike Trump she won’t miss the money.

    Except for as you say the principle of having to eat those fines out of her Congress Critter salary. Thank you, thank you thank you Murf. I have something pleasant (Margerine Tailhole Gangreene’s humiliation tonight to think of when it’s time to go to bed. Fun thoughts for a change.

  2. “A federal judge in D.C. tossed their lawsuit in 2022, stating that the legislators couldn’t sue then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) because she had passed the rule while working as a member of the federal government. In June, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit affirmed the ruling.” (from LGBTQnation)

    • Meaning she still took home more than the average constituent from her district (since she gets the $174K every year and the fines are presumably a “one-time” thing–not sure if interest accrues for not paying; I also believe the mask rule has been dropped so no more fines would apply).
      The median household income for her district is just under $70K a year, although that’s probably skewed because of the Atlanta suburbs and exurbs (and, bear in mind, that figure is “household income” so, for most households, that’s going to come from both spouses not just a single individual).

  3. From time to time I’m convinced that no one could coin a single new funny moniker for You Know Who. But then the Murfster comes up with the likes of “Emperor Gluteus Maximus” and my faith is restored!



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