A reader in a recent article of mine actually pointed out that Trump’s Big Lie was not a creation of the 2020 election. In the summer of 2016, long before Covid-19 and enhanced absentee and mail in balloting, Trump was already screaming that if he lost to Crooked Hillary, it would only be due to massive voter fraud. Ah, the good old days.

But especially since 2020, the Trump GOP has become the party of Massive voter fraud! They findraise off of it. They trot out complicated voter fraud schemes without a shred of evidence. And you know what? They’re all full of shit. And the Democrats need to start responding forcefully to it right now, heading into the 2022 elections.

There was absolutely no rampant voter fraud in 2020, yet because of the GOP’s carpet bombing campaign of bullshit about voter fraud, 45% of Americans think that Joe Biden is an illegitimate President. And there is absolutely no reason for that, when there is such plentiful empirical data to disprove it.

Although they scream about massive widespread voter fraud everywhere, they key on the critical swing states that cost Trump the election, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia. Georgia especially has been a thorn in Trump’s side, since his blatant interference now has him under state criminal investigation.

But here’s the 411. In every one of those states, the election results triggered automatic state audits, and in some states, manual recounts of tightly contested districts. And not a single audit or recount showed any signs of even accidental miscounts, much less rampant voter fraud.

In Arizona, the state Senate actually authorized a living joke called the Cyber Ninja’s to conduct a recount of the votes in Maricopa county on the public teat. After 7 months of Three Stooges lunacy, the Cyber Ninja’s not only found no widespread voter fraud, they credited Biden with 112 votes he was missing.

After his loss, Trump loosed an army of third rate ambulance chasers to contest election results in state and federal courts. The results? A combined 0-62, without a single case even getting a second hearing. Not only that, but several Trump lawyers find themself facing state bar sanctions based on official judicial wrath at their chicanery.

But worst of all, it turns out that there actually were widely scattered examples of voter fraud, mostly people either trying to vote twice, or vote for dead relatives. And every one of them voted for Trump! Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick went so far as to offer a bounty for provable vote fraud. And he had to open up his checkbook. To a Pennsylvania vote worker who caught a guy trying to vote for his son for Trump! Man, that had to sting.

Look, the Democrats badly underestimated here when it comes to messaging. They took for granted that everybody would see it for sour grapes and move on, and that hasn’t happened. And now 2022 is looming in the shadows. But fortunately, there’s time to turn this around, and the Democrats have the bully pulpit.

Voting rights are going to be front and center for the Democrats. Biden and Harris need to start pounding home from the pulpit that the only prosecuted voter fraud in the last 3 election cycles was Republican voter fraud. Including the district in North
Carolina where the GOP candidate had people going door to door to collect unfilled out ballots, and then filling them out for him. That one turned out with the election results being voided, and a special election with criminal charges. Now there’s massive voter fraud for ya!

The GOP wants voter integrity as an issue? Fine, then let’s ram it down their throats! The Democrats control the congressional committees in both houses, let’s use them. A congressional committee can hold a televised public hearing on voting integrity. And they can compel the Secretaries of State, or Attorney’s General of the contested states to appear to testify as to their audit and legitimate recounts, and the results. No voter fraud. And then they can call fact witnesses to testify to the GOP voter fraud cases that were charged.

The GOP is stuck in the mindset that the Democrats are still the Charlie Brown’s who don’t want to fight. Chuck Schumer has already disabused Mitch McConnell of that notion, and Biden took off the kid gloves against Trump and the GOP yesterday. It’s high time that the whole party steps up to fight, instead of giving the GOP a free pass.


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  1. And the real beauty for the Cyber Ninjas? I just read the company’s having to close up shop.

    “Cyber Ninjas, the company that led a partisan review of 2020 ballots in Arizona, is closing down following a scathing report by election officials and the threat of $50,000 a day in fines.

    “Cyber Ninjas is shutting down. All employees have been let go,” Rod Thomson, the company’s representative, said in a text message Thursday evening.

    The Florida-based company, founded in 2013, has less than a dozen employees, according to its LinkedIn page.”


    Ah, yes. As they’ll be saying in New Orleans in a little under two months’ time, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” (Though I suppose I should feel a little sorry for the folks who were just doing what they thought was a legitimate job rather than some political hackery. Then again, I’d think those folks would’ve left just as soon as the company started its little “audit” for the Arizona sore losers.)

  2. There was a fraudulent election outcome in 2016…Trump. He broke campaign laws, paying a porn star to cover up his activities, & had a campaign manager working with a Russian agent providing targeted voter data in key states, the three Trump won by a total of less than 80,000 votes. He was a career racist criminal prior to his running. If this pig ever sniffs real power again, bend over & kiss ur own ass goodbye.

  3. Look, I took civics class in high school. And I was in a crowd that was in the Democratic political party of southern Illinois. Anyone not familiar with that only needs a brief explanation. The mob was scared of the group. Anyway I studied this crap so I could get both sides. And I’m here to tell you that adjusting for income today that if you make under 250,000 and you are bonkers about the GOP you just ain’t wrapped to tight. And even if you are you still aren’t wrapped to tight. The gopigs haven’t had a plartorm for forty years. The last one was Reagan trying to sell that trickledown economy. Take care of the rich people, give them a big tax cut and they will spend all that extra money. Makes me wonder if Ole Willy Nelson stopped by the White House to burn a few. And when trump did it we got the same thing. And guess what, we have inflation going up like crazy. Get a grip. We are the ones that need to fight like hell if we want to keep our country. Otherwise the clowns will take over.

    • I too am from southern Illinois and being in my mid sixties had civics in school. In fact, we had specifics civics education in Jr. High as well as high school. I lived my first 26 years in a town that is (and has been for some time) dying & doing so more rapidly every year. When I left to become a jarhead back in the 1980s my hometown still had enough people that it would vote for Democratic candidates in federal races. Now, a little pissant a few years younger than me (I went to school with his older sister) is a U.S. Representative and a member of the sedition caucus and damned proud of it. And the town is proud of him! There’s good reason why, despite my sister’s (my only remaining family member) pleading I’ve not moved back home despite the low cost of living. Few people would welcome me there and the bulk including people who once like and even admired me would openly display their hatred and contempt for me because I not only don’t worship the human shaped flaming orange rectum known as Trump but openly despise him. And I’d also not keep my mouth shut about that Congress Critter, who claims our onetime favorite son General John A. Logan as his inspiration but, as I said is a member of the sedition caucus! (For those who don’t know Logan was instrumental in keeping southern Illinois – the counties south of where I-64 runs – from splitting off and becoming part of the confederacy)

      For all of the natural beauty of the region it has held a darker side, with stark poverty and pockets of people who you’d associate more with the classic poor and hateful of government (even as they take assistance – they just don’t believe “those” people deserve any) of Appalachia. The area is filled with people like my sister, who denies being a conservative (she sure as hell wasn’t growing up!) but are. Then there are the ones who have clearly become dominant in their numbers who are openly so. It’s a fucked up place. I get homesick every fall, wishing I could go back and head to certain spots to spend an afternoon taking in those wondrous fall colors, one of mother nature’s spectacular shows. However even if my health and financial situation allowed me to do so (and it once did) as I said I’m not welcome back home. I haven’t been back there in over three decades now, and will never see it again unless something magical happens and I happen to find myself in an airplane flying over it and get a quick look out the window.


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