Sometimes when I’m casting about for stories I find the very worst of the worst to dredge up. But this time I do this with a singular purpose: Because every woman of every walk of life should know about these creeps. I’d stumbled across a site called Angry White Men/Tracking White Supremacy, which keeps dibs on what these repulsive people are doing. This particular blog that I found was dealing with a discussion between misogynistic, anti-LGBTQ pastor Jesse Lee Peterson and Elijah Schaffer. These two are perhaps the most reprehensible people you’ll read about here.

Schaffer went on to claim he will never employ, work with, or befriend women again. Of course, since he was fired from a right-wing media outlet stemming from allegations of sexual harassment and assault, he’s really doing us a favor by not working with us anymore. And being the typical incel that he is, he blamed his firing on the “subversive nature” of women for his decision.

But the situation gets even more disgusting from there. On the April 22, 2024, episode of his Nightly Offensive show, Schaffer said he and his wife hoped to have a whole crop of little white kids, especially boys. Peterson, who is for some reason an ally to white supremacists, begged Schaffer to have “as many white babies as possible” so that white people don’t become a minority.

Okay, what the hell is wrong with this picture? Peterson, who’s Black, hopes Schaffer and his wife have a whole bunch of little white babies. What is up with that? I don’t get it.

“and i tremble at that idea, that white people will become the minority, because if they do it’s over for america,” Peterson said ominously. “because if you really pay attention to people of color, they’re not innovative, they’re not motivated, they don’t really create stuff. they just follow behind the white people and they take their stuff, and they destroy.”

I’m quite sure Katherine Johnson, a brilliant African-American mathematician with an IQ of 162 might disagree with Peterson’s assessment. Working for NASA, she joined other engineers to form the core of the Space Task Group. That would become NASA’s first official foray into space travel. She was instrumental in preparing for John Glenn’s mission into space, and that’s what she became most known for. She was a woman, and Black and effectively destroys Peterson’s comments about his own people not being “innovative” or “not motivated.”

But I suppose truths like the above are lost on Peterson and Schaffer, who said he and his wife are “shooting for six” kids. He pulled up a photo of his wife and young son. “I have a little blonde-hair, blue-eyed little Aryan king here,” Schaffer said, describing his son. “That’s the wife there. That’s on our family farm. And that’s the new baby goat.”

Of course, “Aryan” was a word used by the Nazis to describe the German people, whom they believed were the “master race.”

Then Shaffer went off on an even weirder tangent when he started discussing marriage.

“i have a really, really excellent wife,” schaffer said. “why? because she’s extremely submissive. and now feminists mock that. they’re like ‘oh ’cause you’re a weak man so, you want a submissive wife? it’s like, no, ’cause i don’t wanna kill myself (of course, that would be doing women everywhere a favor). that’s why i want a submissive wife.”

I guess he’s weirdly associating women with dogs or something. Are we supposed to fetch and “sit” when we’re told to? Schaeffer mentioned that it’s “good for a woman to be submissive,” and he somehow conflated submissiveness with being a virgin.

“so i think that being a virgin is connected to being submissive in a marriage,” he said. “or at least making it natural. is that true? or is that — does virginity matter with women or does virginity not matter when it comes to choosing a spouse?”

So what’s next here? Are these two going to suggest chastity belts, which women work during the Dark Ages, be brought back?

Peterson responded that “100 percent it matters.” A “woman,” he said “should be a virgin when she get[s] married.” Peterson explained that a woman who’s a virgin will be “more than happy to obey her husband and submit to her husband, and love what’s right. And she will have perfect peace.”

Boy, are these two a couple of dreamers.

Because what this “woman” will likely be, is a young, naive girl. Age 17 or younger. They don’t fool me. Not in the least.

And Schaffer’s wife isn’t the only victim of his misogyny. He also told Peterson why “I’ll never employ females again, or work with them of anything like that. I don’t even — I’ll never be friends with them because I’ve seen the subversive nature. You know, the ability — the desire to destroy, to tear down.”

Well, if we’re subversive, it’s only because so many men like Schaffer and Peterson have taught us to be that way. We have had to learn to be one step ahead of misogynists like these two. Schaffer also complained that “when women are unruly and they’re not under the authority of a good — like a strong man” they “will blame successful men for their problems.”

i haven’t really seen a lot of that going on, but I have seen so-called “successful men” taking credit for the work of those of us who work hard.

But Schaffer isn’t a good candidate for working alongside women anyway. But not because  we’re “subversive” or “unruly.” Nope. He was fired from The Blaze in 2022 after he allegedly drunkenly groped his colleague, Sara Gonzales during the premier Uncle Tom II, a right-wing film that I’m sure was a real gem.

Schaffer, of course, probably shouldn’t be working alongside women, but not because they’re “subversive” and “unruly.” In 2022, he was fired from The Blaze for allegedly drunkenly groping his colleague, Sara Gonzales, during the premiere of the right-wing film Uncle Tom II.

The sad thing is, that women are far too used to this sort of behavior. Every woman, myself included, has been a victim of sexual harassment. I don’t know what the answer is to that, but incels like Schaffer and Peterson should never be tolerated. As this report from The Guardian shows, the number of incels in the U.S. is on the rise.

The two below are mere examples.

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  1. This nazi dumb-ass, but I repeat myself, won’t work with/hire a woman. He managed to get over his racism and hire a man of color so if he thinks it will sell this piss-poor excuse for a show he’ll hire a woman. He found a black man willing to whore himself so finding a woman somewhere who thinks money is money no matter what you have to do to get it oughtn’t be all the difficult. His wife is a perfect example.

    I hope anyone who is a parent to a teenage girl (s) starts vetting her dates with an eye out for these pieces of sh*t.


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